Overview of MUST do's before you can book
Mark Peters

Website - Overview of MUST do's before you can book

Welcome to our new website which has been a marathon effort to get up and running as I am sure you will appreciate. We apologise for the slight delay in getting here, but I am sure you know how these things are! 

   Important Information

  To login you will need your username exactly as it was on the old site, if you cannot remember it then on the login page chose the 3rd option “Get Username” by entering your email address and clicking on the button

   If you know your username then enter this in option 2 “Reset password” and you should receive an email with a new password.

   Now go for option 1, enter your username and I suggest you copy and paste the new password to avoid mistypes etc. Once you are in please go to My Menu, My Account


 In this section you can:

Change your password and/or your email address

Change your account details

Add cars and drivers or activate or deactivate them. They cannot be deleted due to retaining track day history

   In order to book an event you must have the:

Address section completed including post code

Telephone number

At least 1 active car and driver

3 GREEN ticks

Email communications – If this is OFF please turn it ON as we will be using the website to do our mailing and if it is OFF you will not receive our newsletters etc

  If you are still encountering problems then please email and and one of us will contact you.

  If you do NOT receive your reset password email then please contact the above as it is possible due to how the old site ran that your mailing address is different to the one you first registered with which is where the reset email is being sent to. Please do NOT create a new account otherwise your history including cars and drivers will be lost.

   The booking screens all look rather different from the old site but please feel free to have a browse around and start to get familiar with it. Any issues with anything to do with the website, please get in touch via our contact form, via "Contact Us" on the menu or email

   The forum is up and running and all of the threads and attachments have been brought across or should have been, please let us know if you feel something is missing. Anyone can view but you do need to login to post.

   We look forward to seeing you at one of our track days in 2023



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