MGoT Supported by Cherished Insurance

MGoT Supported by Cherished Insurance


We are really pleased to announce that we have entered into a support arrangement with Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services - the classic car division of A-Plan Insurance. Cherished have offered MGs on Track members a club deal on classic insurance (includes MGF / TF's & original Zed's) but also offers the following benefits:

• Track day cover in the UK – subject to notification by members and additional premium
• Member to member cover – this allows you to drive another member’s vehicle comprehensively as long as they are insured through us on the scheme.
• Reinstatement cover (25%, 50% & 75% - this increases the amount of money that the insurers will spend repairing the vehicle to prevent it being a total loss).
• Salvage Retention – Subject to qualifying Criteria
• Modification cover – we cover most modifications except nitro!
• 90 Days European Cover – included as standard.
• Multi Vehicle Cover - we can put all your classic cars and even your moderns on the same policy.
• Laid Up Cover – if it’s not on the road it can still be insured.
• Spare parts cover – up to £1000 cover for your spares.
• Occasional Wedding Hire - can be arranged on application.
• Business Use – can be arranged on application subject to underwriting criteria.
• Limited Mileage discounts
• Free and simple Agreed Value service - Completed free of charge in house by our specialists
• Young Accompanied Driver cover from age 18 – 24.
• Theft Cover for the vehicle if it has an unpowered hood and is left with this down whilst parked.

To obtain a quote, please contact Cherished Insurance via Pete Barrett on 01905 930740 and mention that you are a member of MGs on Track.




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