Silverstone - A Must Do Circuit!

Super Silverstone

The excitement of beingable to drive at Silverstone starts to build weeks before\"\" the event, the socialgathering is as much part of the day as driving is whereby the renowned MGcamaraderie forms with friends old and new. Nearly all models of MG make an appearance, proving yetagain, our Track Days are not just for B’s and F’s.  Silverstoneis unique in our calendar in that, to be able to drive on the Grand Prixcircuit, you must have experience at a minimum of one track day at another venue.Silverstone is a ‘must do’ event! Be sure to book a track day with MGoT this year to qualifyfor Silverstone in 2015. There are still a few places at Goodwood for firsttimers who may want to drive Silverstone this year. 

Steve Brand continues with his account of a day at Silverstone GP circuit - I will let him tell his story!
Words Steve Brand; Photo coutesy of Xtreme Sports Photography

The sound of ‘The Chain’…
Just as you turn off the A43 there is a short stretch ofroad leading up to the entrance, turn left and observe the sign ‘WELCOME TOSILVERSTONE’- The home of the British Grand Prix.Through the security barrier and over the bridge, it’s thenI start to imagine the distinctive voice of Murray Walker saying …“And - There- Goes - Nigel - Mansell…” at the same time the sound of Fleetwood Macreverberates in my head, Yes, It’s ‘The Chain’ the theme synonymous withFormula 1…I feel honoured to be able to drive on one of the best motorracing circuits in the world, here is my ‘whistle stop’ account of the day!  
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