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If on your first visit to Anglesey Circuit certain views appear familiar, it is probably because you will have seen the Circuit featured on one of many television motoring programmes, or in one of several motoring magazines that regularly use Anglesey Circuit. A lovely location, perfect backdrop and the ideal blend of corners and elevated sections make Anglesey Ciruit unique.
From the start, a downhill run heads to the challenging School Corner a sweeping climbing right hander that tests both skill and bravery. School leads into Abbotts, a square right, before the road climbs up and over a brow into the Radar Complex, a left-right sequence. Top Straight follows before heavy braking into the Hairpin. A sweeping left through Douglas and then a tricky right takes cars out into the pit straight once more and into another lap.
A superb technical circuit, however, one that beginners can also enjoy. Heartily recommended.


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