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Events 2023 Season
Mark Peters

            Events 2023 Season

Day                          Date                  Venue                   Status

Saturday              18/02/2023         Goodwood          Firm - Opening soon

Monday               13/03/2023         Silverstone          Firm

Monday               24/04/2023         Cadwell               Firm

Monday               15/05/2023         Snetterton           Firm

Monday               05/06/2023         Combe                 Firm

Monday               17/07/2023         Blyton                  Firm

Monday               07/08/2023         Anglesey              Firm

Monday               04/09/2023         Combe                 Firm

Monday               02/10/2023         Donington            Firm

Monday               23/10/2023         Goodwood            Firm

Saturday              11/11/2023         Bedford               Firm

New Website
Nigel Silman
New Website
Welcome to our new website which has been a marathon effort to get up and running as I am sure you will appreciate. We apologise for the slight delay in getting here, but I am sure you know how these things are! 

  To login you will need your username exactly as it was on the old site but you will have to reset your password using the "Forgotten Password" link on the login screen. If you do NOT receive your reset password email then please contact as it is possible due to how the old site ran that your mailing address is different to the one you first registered with which is where the reset email is being sent to. Please do NOT create a new account otherwise your history including cars and drivers will be lost.

  The booking screens all look rather different from the old site but please feel free to have a browse around and start to get familiar with it. Any issues with anything to do with the website, please get in touch via our contact form, via "Contact Us" on the menu or email

  The forum is up and running and all of the threads and attachments have been brought across or should have been, please let us know if you feel something is missing. Anyone can view but you do need to login to post.

  Important Information

When you have logged in please go to My Menu, My Account and make sure you have 'Email Communication' turned ON as our future email communications with you will be determined by this setting so you could miss our track day opening now messages. Also make sure you have at least 1 active car in your garage and 1 active driver. You need THREE green TICKS to be able to book. Telephone numbers have really been useful at times so it is now a must fill so please complete this to enable booking.

  We look forward to seeing you at one of our track days in 2023

Donington Photos
Nigel Silman
Photos from Donington 3rd October 2022

The photos from our recent event at Donington are now live! 

This is the link to view the photos: