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Will you come to Blyton Park?

Discussion in 'Blyton Park 6th July 2020' started by NigelS, May 24, 2020.


Would you attend this event if it was opened for booking?

Poll closed Jun 7, 2020.
  1. I would like to attend an event at Blyton Park on the basis that I will not need an overnigh

    10 vote(s)
  2. I can’t attend because of the Coronavirus pandemic situation

    4 vote(s)
  3. I can’t attend because I am too far away and would need an overnight stay

    33 vote(s)
  4. I don’t think we should be running track days at this time due to the current situation

    1 vote(s)
  5. I am very happy to attend ( as I live near enough for the day trip ) and think there is very low ri

    9 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    With the recent slightly eased restrictions on travel and other aspects of our more usual lifestyles, the majority of the UK race circuits are starting to open again for business, many from early June. With the rapidly changing situation in mind, your MGs on Track committee have discussed our planned day at Blyton Park on July 6th with the circuit operators and they have confirmed that they intend to start operations again during June and as long as the situation does not worsen again will be open for our event in July.

    We obviously have to make a considerable financial commitment to the circuit to secure this date and we are therefore asking you, our members, whether you would attend this event if it was opened for booking. This needs to be a firm commitment please and at the present time you would need to be sufficiently close to the circuit to avoid an overnight stay (which is currently banned).

    Please give us an indication of your thoughts by selecting one of the answers in this poll and also, if you wish, feel free to post to this thread on the forum with any thoughts you have. We hope you want MGs on Track to continue to provide track days for the MG community for many years to come but these are unprecedented times for us all and your input as loyal members over many years is invaluable to us. Do please provide us with your "customer feedback" as we really want to get back on track but remain solvent!
  2. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    I am going to Donington on June 2nd with Opentrack. This will be one of the first days at Donington. MSV the circuit operators seem to have put a very comprehensive plan in place.
    I can report back afterwards if anyone would find that useful??
    I have also seen the preparations made at Blyton Park thru my membership of the Javelin Sprint group.
    I am very much hoping that this group can make up enough numbers for Blyton to go ahead.
    I will attend as Im in travelling distance on the day.
  3. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Hi Peter, that would be really helpful please. MSV, Castle Combe & Blyton have all kindly shared their operating procedure for social distancing with us but your first hand experience of how it all works out and any suggested changes would be much appreciated.
  4. nadder

    nadder Junior Member

    Alas too far from Salisbury to do in a day but sad to see Castle Combe go as we would definitely have been there. Fingers crossed for September!
  5. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Junior Member

    Nigel, I will attend any that are open for booking that I can get to with no overnight stay needed. And I will be happy to go further than I previously have in one full day, to have a good track day and give the club my support.
  6. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Tell me about it - I am in Wilton! We should be able to be at Castle Combe in September though, unless everything falls apart again between now and then.
  7. nigelrsmith

    nigelrsmith Junior Member

    I can do it in a day so yes I ll be there
  8. Joy

    Joy Junior Member

    From my perspective I would hope to do two of the following:

    1. Goodwood (even if accommodation is scare/not available) we would travel on the day, we don't want to miss this one.
    2. Donington is easy traveling distance, so no accommodation is required.
    3. Anglesey - Possible. Here it would depend on what happens with our racing calendar and is dependent upon accommodation, might it be possible to camp at the circuit on the Sunday?

    Thanks for asking for our feedback.
  9. mcridexe

    mcridexe Junior Member

    Very disappointed to see Castle Combe cancelled just when things are opening up again at outside events such as this. I had hoped that with a month still available to confirm and sell places this would have been doable.
    I always travel to CC from Devon on the day so would be pleased to commit to going if that helps the committee should they revisit their decision.
    Sadly Blyton is just too far from Devon!
  10. Chris Nelms

    Chris Nelms Junior Member

    we can be at Blyton Park and Donnington
  11. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    The only circuit I can realistically attend on the same day is Snetterton! I need an overnight stay for all others, however, if I could camp on the way that's not a problem as the GT will swallow my basic camping gear.
    Would definitely attend Anglesey and Goodwood, possibly also Castle Combe in September.
  12. irandall

    irandall Active Member

    Its just short of 120 miles each way but i travelled on the day last time i attended Blyton Park so happy to do it again
  13. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    The elephant in the room here is the fact that there are no hotels b &bs or campsite allowed to open till begining of july at the earliest. Finding enough members who will commit to going and travelling on the day is a big ask. I would love to go but from Nottingham is not feasable.
  14. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Ever the optimist,I have read that Premier inn are taking bookings from the 4th of July if no further issues occur,I will make every effort to get to track days to support the club,I will have a better photo when these unprecedented times have passed and my car can leave its nest
  15. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    The javelin sprint guys are hoping thats happening to for accomodation in Anglsey. .in july. The Travel Lodge in Gainsborough might be an option for Staying for Blyton. for july
  16. darren williams

    darren williams Junior Member

    Both myself and my 17 year old lad are very keen to attend Blyton in our MGF. After having a Kmap upgrade fitted we're really keen to see how it goes around Blyton. Social distancing shouldn't be any bigger problem than visiting Tesco's and we'll be in the fresh Lincolnshire air. Can't wait.
  17. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Fantastic to see so much interest in getting back on track. It seems to me that the challenges even when the tracks have re-opened for those who live too far to travel in a day is accommodation and food

    Peter M mentions Travelodge, I've just tried searching for rooms and it's not until I got 4th July did it report any availability when it listed Gainsborough, Retford, Lincoln and others. So as things stand Sunday 5th is an option. I beleive July 4th is the provisional date for hospitality to re-open.

    Food - I'll do some research on options here, especially with it being a Sunday night but presuambly it will be takeaways. Lincoln maybe the better option food wise, it's about 40-45mins from Blyton though or possibly head into Lincoln if needs be for food then back to Gainssborough for bed or possible the A1 services. I'll begin our 'Night before...' thread a little nearer the time.

    Look forward to seeing any updates on other track days experiences and of course meeting up with fellow members, 2 metres apart of course with masks on aka helmets ;)

    Looking forward to getting back on the track with Blyton being my local :D
  18. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    Like you Mark I am anxious to get back out there. Im within travelling distance(Nottingham) but I sometimes stay overnite.
    July 4th is the day for accomodation Im sure you are right on that.
    There is at least one takeaway just off the square in gainsborough. I remember cars pulling up last time I walked throgh in the evening.
    I hope you can make it financially viable numbers wise.
    What about other clubs to invite as a one off to get the numbers if needed.?
  19. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Peter
    Nottingham is quite handy, it's about 40mins for me as we live about 14miles from Lincoln, Gainsborough & Newark, nr Dunham Bridge [A57]. I did work in Gainsgborough about 20yrs ago but it's changed a lot since then as West Lindsey council have gradually upgrade the facilities etc. I would expect there will be something food wise to eat there but maybe a bit limited.
    I'll begin the 'Night before...' thread when we know if it is going to be a runner.
    Fingers crossed
  20. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    The Travelodge is available to book on night Jul 5 as far as I can see. Its situated in the corner of the big cental car park. No private parkng but it is a relately safe and pleasant location IMHO.
    Within 200 metres there are...Florentinos Takeaway. Dominos Pizza. Best Pizza Kebab. Pizza Bari and KFC. So plenty of food 5 minutes away. They may be open to walk infor a takeaway by then. If not Im sure the delivery services will be working.
    Will there be any places open by then to eat in??? I dont know. Maybe BoJo knows but isnt telling us!!!
    There is a Wetherspoons a further 100metes walk from the square.
    So unless the situation changes food and accomodation will be available for those who need it.
    And by default if overnight stays can be booked then they are allowed..
    Some members may be reluctant to leave the relative safety of their own home and localty and that is entirely understandable .
    Hopefully Mark you get the numbers to make this happen.

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