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will i be ok in a boggo MGF

Discussion in 'Silverstone New GP - 21st March 2011' started by mexnut, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. mexnut

    mexnut Guest


    hoping to attend this one in my recently aqcuired TF 135.
    Do any standard cars, run at Mg track days or is it mainly cars modded for track work.

    will I be OK ina bog standrd car? I'm not looking to mod the car.
    Think I will invest in a new set of pads.
    Any other tips for running a standard tf on track?

    Many thanks
  2. prb

    prb Active Member

    No Worries

    Don't worry. Everone goes at the pace they are happy with. Martin and the team are great at getting the batches as evenly matched as possible and it is very rare for someone to be intimidated or overwhelmed.
    Just do your own thing, listen to the brief and advice then you will have a ball. Ideally get some instruction if you can. Goodwood is a great first time circuit so all I can say is watch out for the Missus!
  3. mexnut

    mexnut Guest

    thanks for the info

    I've done general days with MSV in my other cars & it tended to be a mix of standard cars & those modded for track work,was unsure this being a marque based trackday if it was mainly modded cars.

    Being in a group with other standard cars would be great, will be interesting to see how the tf perfoms on track. Certainly make the ride a bit more comfortable than the pot-holed strewn excuse we have for roads these days.

    Agreed re instruction, I've never driven silverstone before (playstation excluded) so will pay dividends in learning the lines & braking points.

    Hope it's dry!
  4. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi John,
    You are in exactly the right place in a bog standard MG F, or any bog standard MG. As we like to say "We organise track days for ordinary MG owners in everyday MG's, run by MG enthusiats for MG enthusiasts" :D

    Probably 80-90% of our participants run standard or mildly tuned MG's, yes there are a few with serious track day cars. But it is another reason why our days are for road legal cars, with current MOT where appropriate. By mildly tuned I'm thinking things like induction kits, exhausts or upgraded pads.

    Then, as Paul said, because we only run sessions once all the bookings are in we assign each participant to a relevant session. To do this we take into account two main factors, first the drivers experience level and then the car and its power. So broadly speaking we have sessions for First timer / Novices and Somewhat experienced / Experienced/ Expert. This means that serious track day modified cars are in the most experienced group.

    On top of this we have very strong on track ettiquete, which we enforce, to avoid anybody feeling intimidated. After all track days are not racing, they are social days out where drivers can use there car in an environment that is much safer than our overcrowded roads. BUT at a pace the driver is comfortable with, we want everybody to go home having had a great day with a BIG :D and wanting to come back for more.

    So when it goes on sale please do book a place, we'd love to see you. All registered members will get an e-mail telling them when this event opens for booking. We have one or two contract points to iron out with SIlverstone before we can release it for sale though.

    Reminder : I have to point out that this event will not be open to first timer track day drivers. This is due to contractural obligations placed on us by Silverstone in using the Grand Prix Circuit. This we very much regret, but anybody who is a first timer wondering how do they get to try this circuit then? Well by attending any of our other track days coming up later in the year. By doing that you will then have, so to speak, "The key to the executive toilet" :eek: and access to this event come 2012 :cool:

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