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What do I need in the way of equipment or clothing?

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Dave, May 1, 2004.

  1. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    The only requirement for every track day is a suitable helmet. Please read the FAQ section about helmet specifications.

    There are a number of on line companies that will sell you one of these (Racewear, Demon Tweeks, Grand Prix etc), but sometimes helmets are available for hire at the track day. Please reserve your helmet when you book for an event.
    If you get 'into' track days, you'll want to invest in your own equipment. Note that if you want to drive a convertible car with the top down, you should have a closed face helmet. Open faced helmets can be used with the soft top up or in 'tintops'.

    Other 'safety' clothing and equipment are optional, although most circuits require you to cover your arms and legs. If you want to wear the full Hamilton battle dress - no problem!
    Having a AFFF fire extinguisher - ideally with a capacity of 1.5litres - securely fastened in the car and within reach of the driver is a good idea, but not necessary.

    Other equipment that you may find helpful are a tyre pressure gauge, a foot pump and a wheel brace to check the tightness of your wheels.
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