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What a turn out !

Discussion in 'Donington Park - The future' started by Martin C, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    If people power can play a part in making things happen then Sunday 7th March will go down as a milestone in history. Litterally thousands turned up at Donington to show their support for this popular midlands circuit at 'The save Donington Park' rally. Many having travelled hundreds of miles to show their strength of feeling in seeing it returned as an active motor racing venue, myself included with 360 mile round trip.

    Kevin Wheatcroft who is now the owner of the land following the death of his farther Tom, gave a speech to the assembled hundreds at lunch time, about what is happening now and the families hope for the future.

    He stated that in his view it needs in the region of £1.5m spent to bring the circuit and its infrastructure back to where it was before DLH started its work, that is the point where events can be run again. Since regaining the lease back, they have received some 20+ serious enquiries to take the lease on to run it as an event for motor racing.

    They have studied all the business plans and are now down to 3 proposals that have good, viable business plans, talks are proceeding and he hopes to sign a deal soon. But he would not expand on who the 3 proposers where for obvious business reasons. He also stated they had received several very tempting offers from developers looking to totaly change the site to business use, but all have been rejected and will continue to be. He hopes to make an announcement soon over the future and is confident the circuit will be operational before the end of the year, which received rousing cheers. It is his, along with the families, wishes to see Donington back as I permanent tribute to his farther.

    We could see the track from Coppice down towards the esses, although the track didn't look too bad, three trenches dug across it, one has to presume the rest of the circuit is in similar condition. The big issue is the sides of the track, you can see in the Coppice picture there is a drop of 12-18" at the edge of the track. All the run offs/traps have gone, if the rest of the circuit is like this, well then you can imagine what a huge task it is.

    Thousands hope Kevin can pull off the reserection, I look forward to returning for more track days in the future.

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  2. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    Good to see you there Martin, it was a fantastic turn out with club displays stretching from the Donington collection end right up to the Paddock entrance.
    The day must have proved that it’s possible to hold successful, well supported events at Donington even without the track open!
    It’s my favourite and most local circuit so fingers crossed it will be open again soon for racing & track days!
  3. Paul

    Paul Active Member

  4. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Thanks for this Paul, encouraging news.

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