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what a rush

Discussion in 'North Weald - 11th March 2011' started by dark cabbie, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. dark cabbie

    dark cabbie Junior Member

    what a rush and a good day.
    now i am doing stowe at silverstone and donington park can not whight to get out on the track for a good fun day and let my hair down again thank you once again well done mg on track anthony james
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Anthony,
    Great that North Weald has given you the confidence to go on to track days, exactly what it is designed to do.

    The grin factor after each track day will be even bigger :D . Same principles apply to a track day, take your time, learn the circuit and build your speed up through the day.

    I see you've booked instruction as well, there is no better way to get the best out of yourself and the car.

    Look forward to seeing you at Stowe

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