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what a great experience

Discussion in 'Donington Park - 10th October' started by dark cabbie, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. dark cabbie

    dark cabbie Junior Member

    Thank you Dave Martin and all the commitee
    What a great experince Donington Park was as im only a novice for track days i would get all the novices and first timers to track days to take the instruction as i got a lot more out of my mg tf afterwoods.
    Iv always wanted to do Donington so now iv been i want togo again. what away to learn what your car can do with out the police being on your tale.
    Jast a big thank you to all of you at mgs-on-track. I hope to do Brands Hatch in December and do a lot more of the tracks next year.

    Regards Anthony james (dark cabbie)
  2. ChrisS

    ChrisS Junior Member

    I would just like to post a thank you very much, on behalf of Club Triumph, to Dave, Martin and other ctty members who worked hard to provide such a good day. It is a while since we have been to Donington and I have forgoten how good it is. I don't think that any other circuit offers a sequence of corners like Redgate, Craner, Old Hall, Copice and Crowthorne and that is just about 2/3 of the lap.

    There were only 4 of us from CT but all have been on our website enthusing about the day and the circuit.

    Great day, Thanks !!
  3. gavinsmith

    gavinsmith Active Member

    I'd just like to add my thanks to the organisers for a great day at a fantastic circuit. This was the first time back on track for my B since an engine rebuild last year and there was definitely a bit more power under the right foot - enough to raise the heart-rate on a few occasions at least!

    My apologies to ChrisS (TR7 driver?), for overtaking him just before I spotted the red flag in the last red session and then, on the next lap out after the restart, pirouetting gracefully at the Melbourne hairpin trying one last time to get the speed and line right (and failing miserably). I could feel it coming a good hundred yards before the corner, having left my braking way too late so, I hope it was quite 'telegraphed' and didn't come as too much of a surprise :eek:.

    Thanks again to Dave, Martin and the team.

  4. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    Gavin, a mate, used my camcorder a few times during the day; he managed to capture your spin at the hairpin and the driver of the green TR6 battling to keep control whilst exiting the hairpin. Plus quite a bit of other action around the hairpin and other parts of the circuit.
    General question, anyone know if there is a method to add video clips on this site, or is it OK to put them on YouTube? Then add a link on here? I haven’t got a YouTube account so never tried uploading videos before, so any tips appreciated.
    I would also like to add my thanks to Dave, Martin and the team for yet another excellent day!:)
  5. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Paul,
    Yes it is OK to post the video on YouTube and then put the link up on here. I'm sure Steve Brand can offer advice on the technical side, I've never done any video so have no idea. I do know that this site, as far as I'm aware, does not have the facility to show raw video.

    There is no issue with the indemnity, circuits do not want people to make any photographs or video they take on the day commercially available i.e. sell images. So as long as it is being used for personal use it is fine, by putting it on You Tube, Flicker, etc. it is still personal use, just that you are making it available for others to view.
  6. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    Hi Martin,
    Many thanks for that information, I have put the video on YouTube, it was actually quite easy.
    This is made up of a number of short clips that I joined together, it could really do with a more editing but here it is…
  7. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Thanks for posting and linking Paul :)
  8. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Well done Paul, nice to see some video that isn't in car. But is it just me, but what seems so fast and frenetic inside the car :eek: looks so sedate and calm from outside :D

    I see Chris Shaw in the TR7 had a squeaky bum moment at the hairpin, well done Chris in avoiding that one. Some very interesting lines by the, I think, TR6, not any I'll be trying though ;)

    I know the Triumph lads had a god day and we look forward to seeing them again.
  9. TRTOM2498

    TRTOM2498 Junior Member


    Hi All,

    Thanks for a great time at Donington. My lines were shall we shall interesting on quite a few occassions ! :) Slow in, fast out I think is the method on some corners I should have adopted. Bigger anti-roll bar next on the list of upgrades. Look forward to the next one (Triumph TR6)

  10. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    an instruction slot would be lot cheaper :p
  11. TRTOM2498

    TRTOM2498 Junior Member


    Long time since I was last at Donington, forgot how little traction there is :)

  12. gavinsmith

    gavinsmith Active Member

    Thanks Paul - nice to see that footage, even if it does show up the limitations of my driving - "naughty, naughty" indeed.

    It looks a little closer on film than it did at the time, so my apologies again to Chris in the TR7 - I hope it wasn't too alarming from your cockpit.

  13. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    Pleased the Video has been of interest, maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on our selves though, even experienced motor sport professionals have “squeaky bum moments”, on the track from time to time!

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