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We like it, we like it a lot!

Discussion in 'Silverstone GP Circuit - 28th March 2006' started by Mike, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    Did anyone really think an MG couldn't fully exploit the Grand Prix circuit? Wrong! Best fun I've had this year, with the weather throwing a few curve balls it was never even slightly predictable. Spreading the cars out on very long lap meant everyone could enjoy plenty of 'track to myself' time, which felt rather special. Can't wait for the F1 race so I can bore everyone senseless :D

    I see now that Luffield is an altogether different beast than the one we're used to on the National circuit, witnessed by the collection of mud and grass that I'll be reluctant to wash off the car for some time ;)

    Hearty thanks to all involved in the organisation, and I hope the marshals appreciated how much less work they had to do on the MG sessions than when the Loti were 'experimenting' :D

    Hope everyone got home safely in the finally more determined rain, when we find out who is running the British climate we'll congratulate them on their scheduling ;)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  2. victor

    victor Junior Member

    That was a fantastic day on a fantastic circuit! :)

    As first-timer I found that the MGF can be scary fast in corners :eek: :eek: Before I thought that GP circuit would be way too big for it, but clearly I was wrong

    Thanks to MGoT guys for organizing this great day!

    PS The very last session when it started to rain was rather exciting :eek:
  3. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    A Fabulous day

    The weather was certainly a tease but kept us on our toes

    Thanks Guys

  4. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall Active Member

    I'd just like to re-echo what's been said above. A great day in good company, and the first time I haven't been on the grass at Silverstone!

    See you all at Donny :D
  5. MikeC

    MikeC Junior Member

    Agree with all the above. Thanks to Dave and the MGOT team for giving us the opportunity to drive the full circuit.

    Personal highlight was "almost" running out of road on the exit of Stowe corner :eek: (anyone else forget about the slight left out of Stowe into Vale?)… still, at least the cone in the middle of the road kept us wide during one session..

    Hope the Lotus guys that brushed the pit wall are ok (and anyone else who had a near miss in the paddock - those wind-powered wheelie bins were a bit worrying!)

    Thanks again!
  6. v8bloke

    v8bloke Active Member

    Fantastic day.

    Its a funny thing but my rear tyres have worn in a very strange pattern!

    Thanks to everyone.

  7. Tony Crossley

    Tony Crossley Active Member

    Hmm, I wonder why :D

    Was a good day and the weather was better than expected, thanks again to the MGoT crew.

    I should be able to post a link to the incar video later in the week, see if you can spot yourselves!
  8. Bigfoot MGF

    Bigfoot MGF Active Member

    Thanks to everyone who organised the day and thanks Tony for showing me the right line to use on the corners for my first 2 sessions, also the wet last session was fun and sideways:eek:
    P.S good luck in your first race ! :)
    the best day ever until the next one!:D :D
  9. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    Welcome aboard Victor! :D

    I did have some concerns that the GP circuit had too many straight bits to be fun - but how wrong was I? :D

    Hmm - the moisture certainly made things 'interesting' - spun twice in one session thanks to the changing conditions, must apologise to the poor soul who had ring-side seats to both of those occurances... :eek: :eek:

    Now all I have to do is seek out the cause of that annoying suspension-related vibration that causes the instrument binnacle to oscillate at 110mph...
  10. SteveChilds

    SteveChilds Website Developer

    My first track day for getting for 3 years and boy was it worth the wait.. Fantastic day, well organised. I'll have to bring up the subject of overtaking at the next committee meeting, despite all the mention of it in the briefing, one or two people were still very reluctant to let people past and even when they did they occassionally forgot they had and on one occasion ended up with me on the rumble strip on the start of the pit straight at 95mph with heart in mouth!

    When you let someone overtake - stay on the right, do not move over onto the 'racing line'!


    Otherwise, fantastic day :D Can't wait for the next one.
  11. philo

    philo Guest

    Fantastic Day, Thanks Dave & Team

    Just like to endorse everyones comments, best track day I've ever been on, well organised, friendly and ran to time.

    Just like to pay extra thanks to my fellow novices, believe it was only session that ran without stoppages and everytime we started out on track, the rain cleared up!

    Can't believe how tight and twisty the GP circuit is, anyone know a "downforce" mod for a TF?

    Superb, see you all again soon

    Phil O. :D :D :D
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 1, 2006
  12. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    Vehicle Handling Solutions have a TF that has a bit more downforce, but you might not be thinking of anything that extreme... :)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2011
  13. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    I gather that a fellow MGoT member may have bought a couple of TF front splitters that may be of interest - certainly less drastic than the VHS Sprint car solution! LOL
  14. Tony Crossley

    Tony Crossley Active Member

  15. norman

    norman Active Member

    I've just added a load of photos to the gallery for Martin Woods. Unfortunately they are credited to me so bouquets and brickbats to Martin please.:D

    I'll add some of my own later.

    Just added mine. The files with DSC... filenames are Martin's, the CRWs are mine.

    I have resized them to 800 X 533 pixels but if anyone wants a higher resolution copy just ask. Email me at norman @ law-family.org.uk (remove spaces) with the filename(s) and I'll send them. High resolution means large files, be warned.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2006
  16. victor

    victor Junior Member

    Taking a deep breath for a couple of days, I'm already craving for the next track day :) Now I understand why it's so easy to get addicted :D

    I was wondering how slow (or fast ;)) I was going compaing to other Fs :confused: No idea about lap times of course, but I remember getting no more than 110 mph towards the end of the Hangar Straight (on the speedo). Just out of curiosity - what sort of speed would be "proper" for an F VVC there?
  17. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    As Rob noted, I bought a small number of TF splitters from the S&R auction. These splitters only fit TFs built from 2004 onwards.

    We will be offering these sprayed and fitted once our business is up and running. Once we have spoken to the people that will be spraying the splitters we will have an idea of how much we will charge fo these.

  18. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    BTW Forgot to say... Great day! Thanks, as ever, to The Team.
  19. Nervous Laughter

    Nervous Laughter Junior Member

  20. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    Definitely a good day:D

    I think the controlled release of cars from the pitlane at the start of a session was by far the better option, it gave everyone more room right from the start. Definitely something to do on the return visit at the end of the year, unless everyone else disagrees??

    Can someone who had been on the gp circuit before tell me if there was a head wind on hanger straight. I'd expected to be going faster....:eek:

    Now I've just got to sort out howw many more MGoT days I can get to.


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