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Discussion in 'Silverstone - 22nd March' started by chrisburton84, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. chrisburton84

    chrisburton84 Active Member

    How suitable is Silverstone for viewing on a track day? Odd question to ask I appericate for some where that host's the British GP but me other half would like to come and watch to see what all the fuss is about. Would this be ok?
  2. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    No problems at all Chris

    Just say you are there with MGOT at security and they'll wave you through.

    Come to the paddock if you want to have a chat with all the participants, there will be a number of committee members around and you'll be made most welcome.

    They may even be able to sort you a pax ride if you fancy it,

    As for watching generally Silverstone is a long circuit and there are a few classic vantage points , copse corner , maggots, the brooklands complex etc.. The best way to get around to these is either walk over the pit straight bridge and turn right, or even drive the car back over the bridge and turn right, there is access around there for a car no problem.

    The only limitation on access could be the work Silverstone are doing in readiness for the GP this year, i think there is a fair bit of construction work going on.

    Joe is running the day, make yourself known to him and he'll fill in the gaps so you know whats going on..

    Unfortunately i am abroad that week so will miss the day..

    Have a great time

  3. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Chris,

    As Stu stated, although I would make sure you have warm clothes, it is like all circuits blooming cold, especially at this time of year.

    When you go to sign on make sure your other half goes with you if she would like to go out on track with you. She will need to sign an indemnity form.

    Like Stu I too can't make it, but I'm sure you'll have a great day. :D

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