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Using a Go Pro but helmet mounted.

Discussion in 'Cadwell Park - Mon 20 April 2015' started by AGoaty, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. AGoaty

    AGoaty Junior Member

    Is there any objections to using a helmet mounted Go Pro video camera?

    They come with some fantastic stick on mounts that you can play tug of war with and don't fall off.

    I'll bring the mount to bolt it to the subframe again but I used the suction cup mount for this.


    It takes much better footage than the bolted on camera as you look where I'm looking.

    Hoping this is allowed.

  2. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    I'm not sure Andrew. It will be down to the attitude of the MSV circuit manager on the day.
    I'll ask the question when I am confirming final details with them in a couple of weeks time.

  3. prb

    prb Active Member

    Some circuits specifically exclude helmet mounted cameras.
    They do play it overly safe. My suction mounts will just about take the weight of the car and are used by production companies for filming, but they are arbitrarily banned.:(
    Better play safe and use the bolt-on.
  4. AGoaty

    AGoaty Junior Member

    I'll bring both. I would prefer the helmet mount but can just use the bolt on one if it's not allowed.

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