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UK Track Suggestions

Discussion in 'Ideas for 2005 calendar' started by v8dave, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    How about a day at Croft?

    I'm sure there are plenty of people further north in england who would like an event closer to home.


    (soft southern ******** ) :)
  2. AndyB

    AndyB Guest

  3. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Yes, we're conscious of these challenges. My current thinking is that we'd have to share such a day with other clubs, as we just don't have the numbers in the regions. Sorry to say, but the stats we've collected to date from people on our mailing list show

    South-East - 21.8%
    Midlands - 12.4%
    East-Anglia - 5.7%
    South-West - 5.3%
    North-West - 4.1%
    North-East - 2.0%
    Scotland - 1.6%
    Wales - 1.2%
    Jersey/IOW etc. - 0.6%

    That doesn't rule out a day at Croft - it just makes it difficult to organise and a challenge to fill. Unfortunately, the more regional circuits are not that much cheaper than the obvious popular circuits like Silverstone, Donington and Brands.

    If anyone has any local contacts and negotiating power though - let me know :)
  4. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    I added up the numbers - yes sad isn't it :eek:

    I presume only half the people on the list have given location details rather than only half the people being in the UK !!!!


  5. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Yes, just over half of our list have this data - the other half are names we collected before the website form. Neverthless I guess it's representative.
  6. Floyd_England

    Floyd_England Junior Member

    Bedford Autodrome

    Bedford Autodrome!!!!

    It was a superb day this year, open pit lane is fantastic and the circuit is really entertaining
  7. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    Donington Park

    After a beautiful day enjoying the wide open spaces of Donington I think it should be in next years calender.

    Personally I don't mind the Melbourn hairpin but I suspect most people would prefer the shorter national circuit.

  8. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    Dave, I personally think that the massive hairpin is terrific fun on the full international circuit - but given the condition of my brakes after the last run, it is probably just as well we didn't have it!

    But yes, you have my vote for Donington again next year!
  9. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    I have to agree with both Bedford and Donington as no-brainers for repeat visits, if we can do it. We'll probably need to piggy-back SELOC for Bedford again. I spoke briefly to Paul Golding about it at Donny yesterday.

    As for National v GP at Donny. IMO the difference in price is out of proportion to the value of the extra bit of track. We'd have to pay another £1000 for the two hairpins and the opportunity to wear tyres and brakes a bit more!
  10. Paul Nothard

    Paul Nothard Junior Member

    As for National v GP at Donny. IMO the difference in price is out of proportion to the value of the extra bit of track. We'd have to pay another £1000 for the two hairpins and the opportunity to wear tyres and brakes a bit more!

    Having done both, stick with what we had. The extra £££s is not worth it. The chicane is a fab corner anyway.:)

    I thought Goodwood was a great track (but I was in the Mini) and well worht another visit.

    What about Anglesey? It's actually a rather good track. It is smaller, further away and more prone to bad weather. Do the prices reflect this?

  11. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    1000 quid for a length of track that shares its outline with a paperclip? I don't think so!!! Donny, as we did it on the 7th, is just perfect.

    Hmm - Goodwood. The things I like about Goodwood are the sense of history and nostalgia. Some great corners too.

    Things I don't like about Goodwood: it's a power circuit. If you've got an MG roadster, the chances are that you are sat on a straight for what seems like an eternity before laying on the anchors and getting to the interesting bits...

    I am not 100% convinced, but am always happy to go back there. Brands Hatch, I think, would be more fun.

    Anglessey is a real 'larf' - but a heck of a long way for me. Would we get enough interest to make the event viable I wonder, given the geographics of most of our members?
  12. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    how about.............

    how about Rockingham, Castle Combe, Thruxton would be good but I don't think they allow track days, I think Brands Hatch has already been mentioned.

    Or how about airfield days, eg Kemble, Hullavington etc
  13. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    here's another one Mallory Park near Leicester
  14. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    Rockingham has hosted trackdays in the past. I don't know whether clubs can hire the venue or if it is all run in house. Might be details on their website.



  15. Caroline

    Caroline Junior Member

    Talking of airfield days - what about a high performance / skid pan / car control day? I'm hoping to do one of these fairly shortly with Cadence Driver Development so I'll know more about what they involve once I've done it, but they sound fun and at the same time help to improve your driving and car control both on the track and on the road.​
    Not exactly sure what their maximum group size is or the sorts of costs that would be involved in a group booking but I can look into it when I book with them if it might be of interest.​
  16. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    TBH I found Goodwood a little boring in my MGB. Mega long straights and very fast bends made my car feel ultra slow!

    Castle Combe is a great track IMO, but then I do only live 15mins down the road. If any of you guys are interested in a track day at Castle Combe don't forget www.xpowerforums.com as they do two days at CC every year. Each time they fail to get hardly any MG's and I really don't understand why. Infact, I am sure if we got enough guys from MGoT then we could have our own dedicated session.

  17. Nervous Laughter

    Nervous Laughter Junior Member

    Silverstone ? Snetterton ?

    I don't think that anyone has suggested a return to Silverstone yet (?) - it is the only MGoT event that I have done to date and so I have little to judge it against, but I throughly enjoyed the day despite the rain and hail !! Any other takers ?

    Another circuit not mentioned to date is Snetterton - in the deep darkest wilds of Norfolk (!) - I am going there in November hopefully so cannot comment until then, (aprt from it is always windy and cold !!) but just put it forward for consideration.

  18. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    All good input - keep it coming :)

    By the way - we also have a questionnaire if anyone's got time to answer about 18 questions. You can download it from here (right mouse click and choose 'save target as') and then email me the annotated document (dave@mgs-on-track.com)
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2004
  19. SteveRat

    SteveRat Junior Member

    I would love to try Silverstone. I have been there a spectator loads of times and would love to drive around bends I have heard of since I was a kid.

    I am open to any otehr tracks as long at there is plenty of run off. On my one track day so far not having to worry about armco/brickwall mad it a much less intimidating experiance.

    Can't wait for 2005:D

    Is there any way we can set up social stuff at the same time/venue eg BBQ etc make it more of an event for the whole family/SO.

    Well done chaps - keep organising.
  20. Alan Brooke

    Alan Brooke Junior Member

    10 tracks in one!

    Rockingham has the advantage that you can run different circuit layouts. One track in the morning and a different one in the afternoon. The only shared part of the track would be the turn four, pit straight, chicane and run down to the infield entry.

    The 'sportscar' circuit as used by ther MGCC race meetings has a good variation of fast and twiddly bits, the 'historic' is more open but has a couple of hairpins. Have a look at www.rockingham.co.uk/rockingham_info.cfm there's a list of the options there.

    Donington is a great track, I agree that the GP extension doesn't really add anything of value so stick with the National circuit.

    Oulton Park full circuit would be a fantastic trackday, it's a really nice track to just drive round and look at the scenery! The slightly shorter version with the hairpin at Island would probably be pretty good too though i've not driven that version.

    Croft is a lovely track, worth going even if it is a trek to get there.

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