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Track Day Tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Hartley04, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member


    I am looking to change my current track day tyres that are currently AVON Radial CR6-ZZ. Now these are good road and wet track tyres but I am looking for a recomendation for dryer track days.

    Just a update I should have mentioned that the car is a MG Midget fast road race.

    Many thanks

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  2. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Hi Mark,

    Toyo 888R or latterly R888R are pretty popular amongst MGs on Track members and work well on B's, Midgets, F & TF's to my knowledge (and personal experience). The equivalent from Yokohama are equally good by all accounts. Just FYI, MGs on Track have a discount agreement with Toyo if this is of any interest going forwards.
  3. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver MGoT Committee Member

    Hi Mark
    My son and I drive an MGB Roadster V8, after Croft last year we purchased a set of R888R [205/50/15] and keep the Avon ZV7's [195/60/15] for road and wet tracks [Brands in Dec]. After 3 outings we are more than happy with them, much quicker thru the corners :)

    Toyo discount - Gee I must pay more attention as I didn't know that, doh but I did shop round and paid £390 from an Ebay shop inc delivery but not fitted

  4. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member

  5. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member

    Hi, Many thanks for your feedback. Choices, choices...
  6. michaelcngm

    michaelcngm Active Member

    It seems there are no track day tyres in the exact size for TF 16 inch wheels, and the nearest seems to be 205/45 R16. I see in FasTForward that Rob Bell has gone for Yokohama AD08R for the Shed, but I believe that Yoko are not making that size now. There are stocks available, but for how long? I need really to replace at least my front tyres for age, and fancy going for the AD08s and wonder if there are any hidden non-technical snags involved in fitting non-standard sizes for road use - insurance and MoT??
  7. michaelcngm

    michaelcngm Active Member

    Still pondering my choices, which are tending towards Nakang NS2R which again are only available in the 205/45 size. Any thoughts anyone?
  8. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    I run 195 on the front and 205 on the back of mine, albeit they are Toyo R888R's but Nankang have these sizes available or you could go for 205 all round - I have a feeling this is what Rob Bell does on his car.
  9. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    You could also consider the Federal 595RS-R.
    This is another good value trackday tyre.
    I have used these on my ZR and previously on my Nissan 300ZX track car.
    They are well suited to my fairly aggressive push on style and are very stable. There is a warning when you start to approach the limit of adhesion.
    Like all the others they need care when the track is damp and extreme care in really wet conditions.
    Cheaper than the 888s and probably about same as the Nankang.
  10. michaelcngm

    michaelcngm Active Member

    Well I've gone for the Nankangs - 205/45x16 87W - £300 for four from Demon Tweeks. I haven't tried them yet (I'm not taxed until July 1), so fingers crossed!
  11. nigelrsmith

    nigelrsmith Junior Member

    Any reports on the Nankangs?
  12. michaelcngm

    michaelcngm Active Member

    A bit late getting back on this, but at Donington last year it was a bit damp most of the time, and I found the Nankangs very secure on the corners. I did have a couple of lock-ups braking for the chicane and had to use the run-off area. That may have been due to the new discs and pads not being fully bedded in making one front brake a bit grabby. I'm back there this year - hope it's drier!

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