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Track Day Tyres

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Hartley04, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member


    I am looking to change my current track day tyres that are currently AVON Radial CR6-ZZ. Now these are good road and wet track tyres but I am looking for a recomendation for dryer track days.

    Just a update I should have mentioned that the car is a MG Midget fast road race.

    Many thanks

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2019
  2. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Hi Mark,

    Toyo 888R or latterly R888R are pretty popular amongst MGs on Track members and work well on B's, Midgets, F & TF's to my knowledge (and personal experience). The equivalent from Yokohama are equally good by all accounts. Just FYI, MGs on Track have a discount agreement with Toyo if this is of any interest going forwards.
  3. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Mark
    My son and I drive an MGB Roadster V8, after Croft last year we purchased a set of R888R [205/50/15] and keep the Avon ZV7's [195/60/15] for road and wet tracks [Brands in Dec]. After 3 outings we are more than happy with them, much quicker thru the corners :)

    Toyo discount - Gee I must pay more attention as I didn't know that, doh but I did shop round and paid £390 from an Ebay shop inc delivery but not fitted

  4. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member

  5. Hartley04

    Hartley04 Junior Member

    Hi, Many thanks for your feedback. Choices, choices...

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