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Discussion in '2005 - Friday 7th October - Donington Park' started by Ralph, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Thanks again to the organising team who did a wonderful job, despite all the surprises that Donington threw at them!

    I hope that everyone got home okay!
  2. Gavin J

    Gavin J Active Member

    Another thanks from me aswell as i had a great day again.

    Hope whoever it was in the red MGF got home okay and wasn't to sore the next day :(

    Can't wait till Silverstone now!
  3. Mike

    Mike Active Member

    Particular thanks to Gavin from Techspeed for diagnosing & immediately curing my oil leak, I thought I was going to be headed home early. And thanks to the team support, even a sheared alternator bolt failed to stop me driving the car most of the way (!?!) back to Nottingham (did anyone else suffer the A453?)

    Steve, let me have your email address and I'll send you a pic of the best of my spare rims, it's yours if you want/need it.

    Dave, I only noticed you roar past me once, were you taking it easy..? And you really didn't need to use such a flamboyant method to prove to us how observant the marshals are, we already trust 'em ;)
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  4. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Thanks Mike, you'll find my address here http://www.mgs-on-track.com/index.php?pg=56
  5. Gavin J

    Gavin J Active Member

    The trackphoto website has been updated,


    Some excellent pic's of fridays action.
  6. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    Yes, thanks to everyone at MGoT for another great day.

    I have posted some photos in the gallery. If anyone would like a high-res version please drop me an e-mail. Also if anyone has a photo of Y353 GFC (Tahiti Blue MGF), please could they let me know.
  7. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    I would also like to say what a great day we had, it was good to see another k series midgeter to drive around with. Can't wait for Silverstone. Hope the weather stays dry as it did for donington.
  8. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    Absolutely cracking day wasn't it? I am still smiling thinking back on it! Roll on Silverstone - although I shall need some kind of fix on the manifold before then... Will have to chat to Dave at Powerspeed - hopefully we can sort something out in time.

    Good you got home okay Mike!

    Really sad to see Steve's F looking so poorly. I hope that it will be back on the track soon Steve! :)
  9. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    Fantastic day, excellent circuit and a great atmosphere. It couldn't have been any better! Thanks to all the organisers and I will see you all at Silverstone.

  10. don k

    don k Junior Member

    many thanks

    Many thanks to all involved with the track day. Had a great time throughout the day, car ran well too, one totally wicked experience when I spun off the track with the instructor on board fortunately doing a good job of cutting the grass rather than digging gravel :D

    Disappointed that I can’t make Silverstone, I hope everyone has a good day.

    See you all next season

  11. norman

    norman Active Member

    Sorry Georgina, had another look through my pics but didn't manage any of you. Where were you? I wouldn't mind a high res or raw version of DSC_0052 if you don't mind. Thanks, see you at Silverstone?

    Email : norman at law-family.org.uk

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