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Discussion in 'Cadwell 12th April' started by nigelrsmith, Apr 13, 2021.

  1. nigelrsmith

    nigelrsmith Junior Member

    Thanks to the organisors for a good day, and thanks to the chaps who helped me load the Purple F onto the trailer. After the spectacular cloud of steam and smoke I left on the track. This mornings investigation revealed a 3" diameter hole in the exhaust side of the crankcase adjacent to No 2 cylinder.
    Anyone got a K series short engine for sale?
  2. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver MGoT Committee Member

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the day Nigel and the marque of friendship shone thru with help provided in getting your car back on the trailer but oh dear on the crank case, just hope the head survived as I know you were concerned about it.
    Thanks to all who attended, a very chilly start but after the first session we were blessed with good track conditions, blue sky and sunshine for most of the day and a chilly breeze just so we didn't overheat :D
    An early start for many of you, being one of our local tracks, 50mins you would have thought we would be first but at 6:45 arrival we were second, I blame the delay on chipping all the ice off the van windows. We were beaten by a member who left home at 3:00 :eek: Keen or what? Answers on a post card :cool:
    For those going have a great day at Goodwood and I hope to see some of you at Snetterton. This will be my son Duncan and my first time
  3. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Sorry to hear about the engine Nigel, I remember Steve Brand's car doing the same at Silverstone and disappearing in a cloud of oil smoke whilst I tried to work out where he was so I didn't drive into him! I am in the ZR Facebook group and engines come up for sale quite regularly; I assume there is a similar TF group that would be worth a try. Or, of course, ebay.
  4. nigelrsmith

    nigelrsmith Junior Member

    Been offered a running VVC engine not too far from me so will arrange to go for looksee soon. Meanwhile exhaust manifold is off and can see one exhaust valve head snapped off so the head is poorly.
  5. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    Just like to add my thanks to those who organised the day, had a fantastic time, first time at Cadwell, will definitely be back.
    Shame about your engine Nigel, that was the only time I went past you!! Hope you get it sorted ok, especially as you like tinkering!
    Next stop Snetterton, unless a space comes up at Goodwood.
  6. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Really sorry to hear about your "big bang" Nigel. Hopefully, the VVC engine you've been offered will work out ok. Shame about the head though.

    I got off very lightly - my clunking turned out to be nothing more than a slightly loose subframe bolt.
  7. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Thanks all for a great first visit to Cadwell park, a very enjoyable day after a long covid hibernation .looking forward to Goodwood

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