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Discussion in 'Silverstone New GP - 21st March 2011' started by steve curtis, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. ronaldo

    ronaldo Junior Member

    What an excellent day, :) thanks to all the organisers for a really good friendly day, cars all looked excellent, and I thought it might have been your hose steve or at least hoped it was, still hopefully no major damage.
    On another note though I am considering selling my car TF, Black reg R13 MGT,to make space for a new project, about 200bhp engine, mods to engine suspension cost about £8-£10K, will list some mods in the for sale section and will put on e bay in a couple of weeks time, car is quicker than cup cars and reliable, everthing has been renewed.
    Thanks to all for a great day good pics too !:D
  2. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    I would also like to say a big thanks to the team for an excellent day!:)
    From the meal at the green man on Sunday night to the main event it was all spot on. The weather and no mechanical problems also helped.

    See you at Donington,

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