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Thanks to all organisers.

Discussion in 'Silverstone GP - 12th March' started by Tim Guy, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    What a great day, perfect organisation and smashing dry weather.

    See you all again soon :)
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Terrific day

    To Dave, Steve, Mike, Norman,Tim, but particularly Stu, the sun dance worked a treat mate, thanks for super slick organisation once again.

    To all of you out in the red group, super driving, good track etiquette and clean sessions with no red flags, superb.:D

    Kayleigh had a brilliant first track day:) , only one real buttock clenching moment going into Copse, well the stands are so far away from the track:eek: and we almost found our seats for the GP:eek:
    Her favorite bend, Bridge it just flows on through! according to her.

    Only trouble is I've created a track monster, I think, when's the next one dad? Dad you haven't answered, DAD!!! ZZZzzzzzzzzz for the rest of the journey home.

    Cheers all, here's to the next time;)
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  3. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall Active Member

    And thanks to Norman et al for all the pics in the gallery (already!!!)
  4. Dean

    Dean Guest

    Had a great day, thank you to everyone who is involved in organising - you do a wonderful job!!!

    Looking forward to the next time, hopefully soon.

    Some brill photos in gallery already!
  5. Bigfoot MGF

    Bigfoot MGF Active Member

    Hi had a great day even if they did not like my suction camera mount:(
    Well done guys you do a great job for the rest of us to have a very enjoyable day long may it continue:D
  6. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Thanks again to the organisers for another wonderful day at Silverstone. I don't know how you do it with the weather - has someone sold their soul?
  7. drussellwilks

    drussellwilks Junior Member

    An Excellent Day

    Silverstone was my first track day, and I must say that I really enjoyed it. I think the car behaved very well on the track and I was glad that there were no real incidents. It's amazing how different the driving is to on the road, you can go fast, but more importantly you can go safely as there's plenty of room.

    Will be back again!
  8. tadders

    tadders Junior Member

    Fantastic day

    Brilliant track day:D will be on another soon. The organisation was excellent.:D
  9. yellowzed

    yellowzed Senior Member

    Yeah it was a great day. I was amazed the weather held out like it did.

    Hi to everyone in the Red session!
    Everyone was very well behaved nobody doing anything they shouldn't be.

    Also Hi to Paul in the other Yellow ZR, How is your Zed?

    I was surprised, I got a spot in a garage and a green MGB pulled up next to me, I thought I recognised the chap driving it turned out to be someone I shared a garage with at Donington. Small world.

    I'll finish up by saying thanks to everyone for a great day and I look forward to seeing you at other days throughout the year (Yeah I've got the bug bad now!)
  10. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Hi Yellowzed

    Glad that you had an enjoyable day. We'd really like to see more ZRs on track and we do post on the ZR Forum.

    Anything you can do to encourage more ZR participation would be welcome.

    Thanks. :)

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