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Thanks Guys

Discussion in 'North Weald 25th May 2012' started by Grumpyzs, May 26, 2012.

  1. Grumpyzs

    Grumpyzs Active Member

    A brief thank you to all the guys who organised and ran this event. I had a great day (apart from the sunburn!) and learnt a lot about my car and a bit about me. By the end of the day I feel I had tidied up my driving a fair bit and felt a lot better about using the car this way.
    If this was the point of the day, then congratulations, it worked for me!

    See you at Castle Combe in June and thanks again

  2. Ian007

    Ian007 Junior Member

    Seconded - brilliant day out even if my wife was faster than me (had to let her win honest) ;)

    Thanks to all the organisers and the lorry that shut the A414.


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