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Thanks for an excellent day!

Discussion in 'Donington Park - 3rd October' started by Darren Ainsworth, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Darren Ainsworth

    Darren Ainsworth Junior Member

    Oh dear, I'm hooked now! Thanks for an excellent day: well organised, friendly, and brilliant fun. Thanks to the various people for the loan of tools (I will bring more than 3 spanners next time) and thanks to the organisers for doing such a brilliant job.

    Can't believe we got away with just 3 minutes of rain!

    Things I learned:

    - V8s work best if you hook up all the HT leads.
    - Greenstuff pads are at their best just before they catch fire.
    - MGBs handle pretty well!
  2. yellowzed

    yellowzed Senior Member

    Hi Darren,

    I take it from your comments that you were in the Purple MGB GT V8 in the garage next to my car (The custard cruiser).

    It was very amusing seeing your brakes smoking after those sessions. Yeah I think they are properly bedded in now :p

    Anyways if you drop me a PM with your email address I think I have some footage from my in-car camera where I was behind you.

    It was a fantastic day. Almost no stoppages from what I could see and very little rain.

  3. Darren Ainsworth

    Darren Ainsworth Junior Member

  4. yellowzed

    yellowzed Senior Member

    Cheers Darren.

    Once I download the footage I'll have a scan through and see if I've got your car on there.

  5. Darren Ainsworth

    Darren Ainsworth Junior Member

    brilliant, much appreciated! I'm already thinking about the next one: have to see if I can manage to get to Oulton Park next year...
  6. Darren Ainsworth

    Darren Ainsworth Junior Member

    PM sent: some footage of your car...

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