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Thanks Fantastic DAY

Discussion in 'North Weald 9th May 2014' started by 74midget1275, May 9, 2014.

  1. 74midget1275

    74midget1275 Junior Member

    Many thanks to all who organised todays event. A lot of effort goes into ensuring the attendeeds know what is going on and in making sure the day runs smoothly which it did. So many thanks.

    For a first timer I thought it was fantastic, nothing fell of the car so I'm looking forward to Castle Coombe!
  2. smithp25

    smithp25 Junior Member

    Yes, I second that, just need to book a full track day now.

    Be interested to see the timings that were taken, wonder if it would be possible to take a picture of the sheets and post it here?
  3. Kentjohn

    Kentjohn Junior Member

    Just to add my thanks for today.

    Despite my coolant pipe deciding that today would be the day to rupture :mad:
    I still enjoyed the day and the camaraderie that MG events are renowned for!

    Special thanks to Paul Smith for the loan of his car for a lap of the afternoon circuit, and to Richard Green who took me around the track in his superb (and powerful) MGR V8. But thanks to everyone who offered assistance / lifts to motor factors etc.

    Brilliant Day - I will be back!

    Pictures I took are available on https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnturner55/sets/72157644636253103/

    Thanks again,

  4. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Thanks for everyone's feedback and glad you enjoyed the day. After the soggy start it turned out fine (but breezy!) Great set of pictures John; I will get mine sorted and into the gallery next week sometime.

    I have scanned the 'results sheets' from the 2 afternoon exercises. Hopefully you can read our scribbled times.
  5. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Unfortunately the files will not upload - too big!

    I have e-mailed them to all attendees instead.
  6. Richard Green

    Richard Green Junior Member

    Richard G.Notts.

    What a brilliant day. I've spent 40+years of driving threatening to do this and only just got round to doing it and now I'm hooked. Really felt for John who's MGTF sprung a coolant leak just at the beginning of the day(commonly known as 'sods law') but that's life. Great set of guys and lots of friendly banter all round. Many thanks to Dave his team for organising the day,
    Any of you guys venturing up north to Donnington in October? if so see you there.
    Thanks again.

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