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Super Silverstone !!

Discussion in 'Silverstone 30th September' started by Stu, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    A Fabulous DRY day at Silverstone, trying to get my head around the new half of the circuit was a real challenge :eek:

    Thanks all the Committee in attendance for a great day and thanks to all you MGOT tracksters for generally impeccable etiquette as usual..:)

    Pat was taking some photos so i will post the better ones in the gallery over the next week

    Donny next week :D, it doesn't get any better than this ;)

  2. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall Active Member

    Echo Stu's sentiments above - thankyou MGoT I had a brilliant day, and look forward to seeing you all again next Monday at Donny!!!

    Edit: As a PS to the above, and totally off topic, I've just heard that Mallory Park has gone into Administration earlier today? :(
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  3. michaelcngm

    michaelcngm Active Member

    Clutchless - AGAIN!!!

    Having missed the last three sessions at the heatwave meeting 18 months ago due to failure of a clutch hydraulic pipe, the replacement did the same thing this time, but in only the second session:mad:. Many thanks to all who offered and/or gave assistance though! I've got a nice new flexible replacement pipe thanks to advice received, but unfortunately couldn't get the right adaptors sorted in time. I have however successfully made it back to Sheffield without the clutch pedal despite stop-start queues on the M1 and steep hills in Sheffield. Just got to get home to Strathaven tomorrow, but that should be a good bit easier, then I can fix it at my leisure.
    Anyway, the few laps I managed were great, and the car was going better than ever (but briefly), and I was able to enjoy the atmosphere at another great Silverstone day!
  4. Grumpyzs

    Grumpyzs Active Member

    Ditto the first 2 posts.
    Sympathy with third. The dreaded K series headgasket failure struck me down today. Luckily really only missed my last session. Thanks for help and advice given and offered. Unfortunately that's Donnington up the swanny for me :-(

    That said thanks to all organisers. Excellent as usual
  5. Col 180

    Col 180 Active Member

    Great day at silverstone, sadly missed the last 3 sessions as one of the nankang tyres ripped a big patch down to the wires on the inside edge(maybe my spin at castle combe didn't help:rolleyes: ). Didn't have a full size spare and couldn't find replacement tyres the correct size in time for the afternoon sessions.

    Was going to get the nankangs changed at some point anyway. Will also get a full size spare.

    Have some video from the first 4 sessions will upload some footage when i get a chance.
  6. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Junior Member

    A fantastic day — really enjoyed it.

    Fantastic track etiquette as always.

    If anyone has any videos of the red session I'd love to see them.

    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  7. Wildcat

    Wildcat Active Member

    Standby for Red session video I will be posting in the next day or two including Darrens spin off at Copse :eek:

  8. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Indeed, great day and just about perfect driving weather. Nice to meet a few faces new to me.
    Well done Dave Pearce for the event management.

    We got 150 of the 165 miles home with no alternator charging before being 'forced' to stop off at a pub :) and phone a friend. 10 mins with a decent set of jump leads gave more than enough to get the last 15 miles home.

    Looking forward to the videos
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2013
  9. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Junior Member

    Hoping my big grey saloon appears somewhere on it :)

  10. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    So near but so far, the forced pub stop sounds hell :D

    Hopefully its just a replacement alternator

  11. Richard Wale

    Richard Wale Junior Member

    Very pleased that I got in at the last moment from the 'waiting list'.

    Superb day from start to finish, some familiar faces and some new ones to chat to - just adds to the overall enjoyment. Thanks to Dave and the other organisers for all their work to make it such a great day.

    Decided to have a coaching session in the afternoon, so had the same instructor for all 3 sessions (Mike). Very good indeed - I had an ambition to 'nail' Copse, which historically I had been much too timid about.

    In the morning was entering at 55/60 and exiting at 60/65 and by the end of the afternoon was entering at 70/75 and exiting at 80 - bit more like it, but still not using all the track width on exit. Must do better next time!

    I have videos of all the red sessions apart from the first one - currently in HD so will try to resize - what is the best way to do that?
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2013
  12. yellowzed

    yellowzed Senior Member

    Hi Richard,

    I think if you do choose to upload them to Youtube you can upload in HD and that will do some conversion on them.
    I've just downloaded my small amount of footage (My camera was on the blink) and I have a some footage where I was following you for a few laps.

    I need to edit it a bit before uploading but when I do I'll send you the link.
  13. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Junior Member

    Pretty good going — I scared myself silly in one of my first sessions where the car just went totally sideways on me at about 90 — a lovely controlled drift in the end but decided it was a bit much!

    The app on my iPhone tells me I was doing about 70 on my fastest lap… must do better.
  14. jcarruthers

    jcarruthers Junior Member

    Richard — probably quicker for you to upload it to YouTube as HD than to process it on your own machine.

    (Assuming you have a reasonably fast internet connection)
  15. djp66

    djp66 Active Member

    ... and maybe I was a bit too bold about it :p

    ... looking forward to seeing the video myself
  16. Richard Wale

    Richard Wale Junior Member

    OK thanks, I will edit the videos to remove the 'waiting to get on track' and 'coming back off track' at either end and upload direct to YouTube.

    Once done will post the links.
  17. MG Dug

    MG Dug Junior Member

    Thanks to the committee for all their hard work in organising a great day.

    I was pleased with the improved performance of the car [after Snetterton, an air leak was found between the carb and manifold] but the jury is still out for the driver.

    My last outing for 2013 as unable to make Brands and so look forward to 2014.

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