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Staying at Donington Park?

Discussion in 'Donington - Mon 5th Oct 2015' started by Trophy-Steve, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

  2. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    I'm booked into our usual...
    Premier Inn
    East Midlands Airport.
    Pegasus Business Park,
    Hunter's Way,
    Castle Donnington,
    Derbyshire DE74 2TQ

    Currently £35.
  3. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    I am booked into the Premier Inn as well
  4. headsman46

    headsman46 Active Member

    I'm booked in here as well
  5. Zebra

    Zebra Junior Member

    First time

    First time at a track day for me. Just booked Donington and the Premier Inn on the Sunday night.
    I'll be the nervous looking chap in the corner.
  6. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Don't be the nervous chap alone, we all tend to meet up in the restaurant there to eat on the Sunday evening - so do come & join the inane discussions! We are the ones in the black & orange MGoT tops:D

    Oh, nearly forgot, I am staying at the Premier Inn as well.
  7. Zebra

    Zebra Junior Member

    Thank you. I was hoping someone would say something along those lines. Can I make it, "nervous although with excited anticipation"? I'll be there on Sunday evening although I can't say I plan my wardrobe decisions that far ahead!
  8. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    My first time to - i'll be the nervous looking woman in the other corner :rolleyes:
    Can someone please let me know who to contact for info on the day and if you will need any other details as I am in Scotland the week before and may have trouble getting emails.
  9. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    Hi Ruth and Zebra.

    No need to be nervous, as you are both first timers you will have a mentor on the day to show you 'how it works'

    About 4-5 days before the event you will receive via email with information on everything you need to know for the day. Please read the information carefully. Around the same time you will get an email from an experienced member of MGoT who will be your mentor on the day and answer any questions you may have.

    Don't worry - all will become very clear!
  10. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    But i'll be in the back of beyond with no signal :eek: :eek: so I won't get the email until I get back on the Sunday - the day before....

    Will I need to do anything Steve or can I have the email earlier?

  11. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    Please send an email to TimG@mgs-on-track.co.uk Tim is the event manager for the day.
    Explain your situation and he can give you a outline of what the day entails, though this would obviously not be your final event email which will be with you as soon as you return to a signal.

    Briefly -
    In terms of your car, mainly, please make sure you all your fluid levels, (fuel, oil and water) are ok, Tyre pressures and condition plus wheel nut tightness are ok too, lights and wipers are all working. Make sure nothing is about to fall off!! All these can be checked again on the day with your mentor.

    In terms of you and any passengers, Comfortable clothing but Arms and Legs need to be covered and flat sole shoes preferably without chunky soles (the flater the better) Crash helmet or if you are hiring one from us it will be supplied on the day.

    I'm sure someone else will post if I have forgotten anything!! ;)
  12. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    Thanks Steve email sent and looking forward to meeting you all.
  13. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    I'll try to get the email out to you earlier Ruth. Sometimes a few things change during the last week but it will be mostly correct.
  14. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    Thanks Tim
  15. Zebra

    Zebra Junior Member

    Hello Ruth. Glad there"ll be another first timer there too. Another thing we have in common; I came back from a couple of weeks in the north west highlands and Skye a couple of weeks ago. Riding a motor home, not an MG though.
  16. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    Hi Zebra

    Yes it's my first time to - really looking forward to it and a bit nervous at the same time and I wish I was taking my MG to Scotland. It's the Shogun this time as we can't fit 4 border collies, my other half and enough food/clothes for a week into the TF.

    See you on the 5th.

  17. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    I'm booked into Premier Inn, East Midlands Airport. Left it a bit late so may have paid over the odds. "It's all part of growing up and being British!" as someone famous once said.
    Looking forward to it. I'm going to put some softer springs, with travel, on the rear of the 'B' before I come up so I should have some teeth left when I get there! :)


  18. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    I'm sure the restaurant at the Premier Inn will mash your food for you....:D
  19. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    We ought to make a booking for a meal Sunday night to give the Premier Inn an idea of numbers; I suggest a 7.30 start. So who is joining in?

    I will start the list!


  20. headsman46

    headsman46 Active Member

    Hi Dave, count me in, 7.30 sounds good

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