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Starter Track Experience

Discussion in '2010 general' started by Martin P, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Martin P

    Martin P Junior Member

    Hi Guys,
    Be gentle with me, I'm new to this.
    I've just joined MG's on Track and I was very interested in the North Weald starter experience but I won't have my MG prepared in time. Are there any other events like this one planned for later in the year ?
    If not, I'll have to jump in with both feet and just go carefull on a full track day. Maybe with a bit of tuition on the day.
    I'm looking forward to the first time she ventures out. She spends far too much time in the garage. I always wanted to find this kind of activity, but was rather frightened of taking her on track with non MG's especially hot hatches and the like. More to do with the type of driving than anything else. I've had her since 1987 (my first car), so she means a lot to me. I know MG drivers are respectfull and carefull, so I feel this may be the start of some really good times. The prices are all reasonable too.

  2. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Martin and welcome to MGs-on-Track,

    You should have received a welcome e-mail from me just after you registered.

    To answer your question about another North Weald, we have traditionally run two a year. The second usually taking place just before the second half of the years programme starts. We have plans to run another this year but have yet to finalise a date.

    Having said that we do have many first timers who come straight in at the deep end by going straight into a track day. We do cater for this as well, we have a mentor scheme, wherever possible we pair up first timers with one of our more experienced tracksters. They then meet you on arrival and help guide you through the processes of a track day. Also at all of our track days we have ARDS instructors, they sit in with you for a whole session and offer advice on driving technique and circuit lines. This typically costs in the region of £15 for the 15 or 20 minute session, it is excellent value. We also run a strict code of on track ettiquete, to avoid anybody feeling intimidated. Of course on top of that we are all MG/Rover owners who cheerish our cars. :D

    So either way we look forward to welcoming you and your V8 to the first event you book with us.

  3. Martin P

    Martin P Junior Member

    Thank you Martin,
    I did indeed receive your welcome Email.
    Sounds perfect. As soon as the car is ready, I'll be booking an event.

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