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Spa/Ring trip.

Discussion in 'Ideas for 2005 calendar' started by JP12, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    How about a trip across to Spa and the Nurburgring? If there is enough interest.

  2. AndyB

    AndyB Guest

    Yes and maybe a trip to one of the French circuits too?

  3. Good news chaps.
    An overseas track day possibly combined with a little continental socialising as well is something that was aired at the latest committee meeting just last weekend...and both the 'Ring and Spa were mentioned.

    Out of interest would you like to see a complete package planned including ferry (or tunnel!) and accommodation or just the venue as per our UK days?
  4. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Nurburgring is not easy. There have been problems with UK track day organisers in the past and all were banned until recently. The SELOC guys are going this year thanks to work done by Marcus Thomas of Easytrack to get the clubs back there. One possibility is to work with SELOC for next year. We certainly would not have the numbers to make it work alone.

    As for Spa, this might work if we get enough interest, and can logistically combine efforts with the MGCC race meeting. One to talk to Rob Gammage and Peter Browning about later in the year when the race meet is planned.

    Another possibility is one of the smaller tracks in France, Belgium or Holland. We've a contact now in the Dutch MGF Register who may be interested in collaborating. Again, this would make numbers more possible.

    We'll have to take great care with any idea of an overseas trip at this stage in our life - we're still quite small. Of the 500 people on our mailing list only 160 have attended an event, with 70% of these only attending one event in the year.
  5. NickPS

    NickPS Junior Member

    Hi Guys,

    Trish and myself would definitely be really keen on a foreign track day, particularly if it was organised as a package, ferry etc... we're slightly lazy at organisation, actually, I am not Trish ;)

    Count us in should it happen,

  6. AndyB

    AndyB Guest

    Folembray (France) would be my choice, heard many good things about it.

  7. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    I also would be interested in a packaged type tour of a couple of tracks on the Continent.

    Happy birthday, Nick!

  8. NickPS

    NickPS Junior Member

    Thanks Ralph,

    Birthdays! They soon come round the older you get don't they?

    Oh well...

  9. PHolley

    PHolley Junior Member

    Probs with bigger outings

    I agree with Dave's sentiments about care here. Being a bigger and more exciting event, in comparison to the UK track days, people will express a lot of interest quickly and then drop in larger numbers at the point of commitment.

    The Goodwood Road Racing Club have been to Spa every year I've honestly intended to go every time only to find that I can't afford the money or the time when it comes to committing. That said, they're always oversubscribed for the trip.

    I think we're more likely to be tollerated by playing the same 'heritage' and 'classic' cards that the GRRC play.Perhaps play on the link the the MGCC?
  10. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    One approach to getting the numbers confirmed well before the event might be to insist on a reasonable deposit to book a place - say 30% of the cost. Possibly also some bonus or a reduced fee for full payment upfront.

    Peter Browning of the MGCC has considerable experience of european events from the Prix Des Alps ( I think that is the right name !! )

  11. BGTNUT

    BGTNUT Junior Member


    I think that a higher deposit of 30-50% would be very reasonable to expect members to pay. I think that SPA would be more achievable than the Ring but i wont to do both!!

  12. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    I personally think that both the Spa and Nurburgring trips have considerable mileage. Following what is happening in SELOC, it looks as though they've got a Nurburgring AND a Spa trip in the offing for next year already.

    Regarding the Nurburgring, Dave, what's the deal with the clubs in the past? Is this regarding arranging exclusivity? Certainly, during a quiet week day, it would be easy for a group of cars to arrive and drive - but you would be sharing road space with the occasional 'bike and Porsche (that always get in the way, in my experience ;) )

    I could also look into Portugal for a race venue - but we don't want to have too many overseas track events - as I am sure that it'll have fairly limited appeal (cost being the key here I suspect).
  13. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    AFAIK there was some upset between the Ring's owners and a UK track day organisation, which resulted in some sort of blanket ban on exclusive hire to UK organisers. I understand that some trust is now being restored and one or two visits are being made i.e. SELOC's via Easytrack and RMA.

    Cost is a big issue for most MGoT members with UK events let alone European ones. I don't think we would dare risk more than one such effort next year. Call me cautious, but so far we've just managed to break even on every event we've run. I don't want that to change :)
  14. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell Senior Member

    I agree Dave.

    If we can collaborate with the European MG clubs, then perhaps Spa or Nurburgring would be a more practical proposition?
  15. Caroline

    Caroline Junior Member

    Not been to any of them myself but I know quite a few of the Sevens lot have been to Folembray and also Croix-en-Ternois, which they all rave about. Think both of these are within a fairly easy drive of the major northern French ferry ports so would be ideal for a weekend or even a (very long!) day trip.

    It might also be worth trying to find out about the Le Mans Bugatti circuit too - it's a little, tight, twisty purpose-built circuit that also takes in a fair amount of the full Vingt-Quatre Heures du Mans course that isn't on the open roads. It's a little harder to get to (Portsmouth-Le Harvre ferry probably best overnight and then a 3-4 hour drive to Le Mans itself) but it sounds like a great circuit, plus of course there's the cachet of having driven at least part of the Le Mans circuit 'proper', including that incredible pit straight with the huge grandstands and the Dunlop Curves.


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