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Sorry ! !

Discussion in 'Silverstone GP Circuit - Tue 10 Mar 2015' started by Martin C, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    I know I voted for this to happen on the Tuesday,but I regret to say I will NOT be able to attend now.

    The original proposed date in the poll was March 16/17thand that was fine for me. The new date of 10th March isn't, unfortunately this is one of my shutdown red weeks and I cannot get the time off.

    Hope you all have a good time though.
  2. bluemgchris

    bluemgchris Junior Member

    I can't attend either (despite wanting to). Unfortunately I booked a room at Premier Inn at Silverstone in the Premier Inn Sale. It cost me £36.00. If anyone needs a room and would like to me an offer they can have it. I'm not sure if rooms can be transferred but you would just need to say you are me!
    (Disappointed) Chris
  3. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Sorry Martin, the date was changed by the circuit owners. :)
  4. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Steve,

    Nothing to apologise for, I was aware of why the date had to be changed.

    But thought it might be useful for the committee to know why of those 85 who voted for Tuesday are not now committing to it.
  5. MG Dug

    MG Dug Junior Member

    Like Martin, I too voted for the Tuesday but regretfully will not be able to attend. The reason being I think a track day in March is too soon having a
    6 1/2" abdominal scar from an operation late last year. Hopefully I will be fit enough for Snetterton.
  6. V8John

    V8John Junior Member

    I would love to do Silverstone after voting for the Tuesday but the date change has also caught me out. Will certainly do it in future whatever the day of the week.
  7. john dignan

    john dignan Committee Member

    Date Change

    Same problem as for others - the date change after our poll has clashed with my trip to Belgium.

    John Dignan
    Committee Member
  8. Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes Senior Member

    Again to avoid any confusion should someone come in on the end of this thread the date was changed by the Circuit not the committee.

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