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Some "thank yous"!

Discussion in 'Donington Park 5th October 2020' started by Peter Macdonald, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    A big thank you to MGs on track and NigelS in particular for organizing a great track day at Donington.
    Some individual thanks to several members who said nice things to me about my little hatchack and the driver.
    Picture below for those who dont know what I drive.
    25 cars on a session at Donington is great and gives lots of room for everyone to play at their own pace.
    Another thank you to my fellow tracksters who pulled over to let me past even tho they were in much more powerful cars. I know several of you eased off the gas just enough to let me thru.
    Front wheel drive, Uniroyal Rainsport tyres and a Quaife LSD allowed me to make good progress round a damp and often wet track. I actually surprised myself with the amount of speed i could carry thru some of the corners in very challenging conditions. Of course it wasnt all plain sailing as I had a rapid 360 turnround on to the grass near the old hairpin. Luckily I kept the engine running and was facing the track so I got back on before the dreaded red flag! Back to the pits to check all was OK!!
    That will be the last outing for this year for me but I will be back "on track" in the spring 50160747611_0b371ab240_k.jpg
  2. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Good to see you putting the ZR though it's paces,a challenging day weather wise as we were the only FWD cars in the group the rain saved our blushes .I feel sure those wonderful V8's will be on full form on a dry track ( when we get one ! ),I to would like to thank Nigel &co for organising the weather, sorry trackday . I did manage to see you getting back on track after your small off,well held ,I am going to Brands Hatch ( all being well Boris ),so catch you next year
  3. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    Many thanks from me also to MGOT and the other members/drivers for a great day at Donington. (I was driving my Orange MGF).
    I also took part in the recent Mallory event; prior to these two events I never expected to enjoy wet track days so much!

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