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Slightly Tired ZR TD!

Discussion in 'Donnington Park - 11th April' started by McCourtie, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. McCourtie

    McCourtie Junior Member

    Hi folks,
    Thanks for putting up with me pootling around Donnington today - had a great time. It was good to meet up with one or two of you from my first outing in '09. A well organised day - thanks to all concerned.
    Dave (Red ZR TD+) Miller
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Dave,
    Glad you enjoyed your 2nd day out with MGoT, I don't think anybody thought that the TD was that slow, in fact I think one or two might have been surprised to find it was an oil burner :eek:

    Hope it is not another two years before we see you out again :D
  3. Trevor Leighton

    Trevor Leighton Senior Member

    Donnington Photo's.

    I have now downloaded all the photo's that I took at Donny yesterday.
    I tried to catch a snap of everyone but apologize if I missed anybody.
    As you will see I have downloaded a few photo's from inside the Donnington Museum which is well worth a visit if you have a couple of hours to spare.
    Hope everyone had a good day ( I know that I did.) and had a safe journey home.

    Cheers Trevor.:) :)
  4. meredith1

    meredith1 Junior Member

    A Grand Day Out

    Good to be back at Donnington. Thanks for all the organising again lads and lassies and particularly to Trevor who always does a great job with the photo's. I hope people appreciate he gave up a session to capture us all in action. Roger
  5. McCourtie

    McCourtie Junior Member

    I second that

    Absolutely, Roger. Thanks too for the passenger swap. Kerry's laps with you in the Midget have been immortalised in the gallery. Great photos. Hope it's not too long 'til my next time ...

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