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Silverstone Changes

Discussion in 'Silverstone New GP - 21st March 2011' started by meredith1, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. meredith1

    meredith1 Junior Member

  2. v8bloke

    v8bloke Active Member

    From an MGB at Trax Back in September 2010.
    At the briefing I was somewhat alarmed as overtaking was allowed either side, never seen that before at a trackday. The new section is very technical and i missed the apex on the new hairpin on just about every lap.
    I need some lessons.

  3. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Mark,

    Overtaking either side has always been a feature of the Trax day and Ford Fair, I used to do them in the 90's in variuos Ford's. I think it is something that Silverstone have always allowed. I know Brands is overtaking either side, I think the other MSV circuits are as well. We only allow overtaking on one side, usually the opposite side to the pit lane entrance. So for SIlverstone and Brands Hatch overtake on the Left or N/S at Castle Combe overtake on the right or O/S. We think it is safer this way, so you go for the pit lane entry and shouldn't find a car trying to blast by you. :eek:

    We could have helped on the second point, but you don't apper to be booked in yet and the instruction slots are sold now :(
  4. v8bloke

    v8bloke Active Member

    I totally agree, overtaking on the opposite side to the pit entry is much safer. At the trax day I was aware of the noise of faster cars behind and it was a bit un nerving not knowing which side they were going to pass. Having said that it was a very well run and exciting day.

  5. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall Active Member

  6. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Thanks for this Mike, impressive looking complex.

    Just to note that for our day we are in the OLD pits and using the original start/finish line.

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