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Setting up an MGB Roadster

Discussion in 'Silverstone - 22nd March' started by MRP, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. MRP

    MRP Junior Member


    I've not done a track day with my MGB Roadster (1966 vintage) before - just wondering if there any adjustments I should make from a safety point of view (apart from the checks listed in the FAQ section of the MGOT site)?

    Thanks Martin.
  2. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    The FAQ covers it all really. Remember everything will get hot, fluids, tyres and brakes.

    You'll have 20 mins on and 40 mins off track each hour, so there is plenty of time for things to cool down. Most cars cope very well.

    Probably as important as the car's condition is the driver's condition. You will need to concentrate hard for 20 min at a time, so take it easy early on and don't be tempted to push too hard too soon. Drive at you own pace and be prepared to let faster drivers through. That way you can build your understanding of the circuit and your confindence as the day progresses.

    If this is your first time at Silverstone you should book an instructor session as early in the day as possible.

  3. MRP

    MRP Junior Member



    Thanks for the advice - will make sure I check both car and driver's vital signs.

  4. Barry McCann

    Barry McCann Senior Member

    take a few spares

    Hi Martin, take a few spares with you... a spare wheel - I had a blow out last time but a change had me out for the next session. Spare hoses if you haven't got those lovely blue kevlar ones. And Oil a whole tin of oil - it might not use any in normal use but take it to the orange line and it might start...

    See you there. Barry
  5. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    Brakes !!!

    Have your brakes been serviced recently and do you know how to adjust them.

    People realise fuel is being used as they watch the gauge go down and they usually realise the tyres are wearing but brakes are out of sight and often forgotten. Don't service them just before the day because they will need time to settle in before you use them hard.

  6. mbmg

    mbmg Junior Member

    Any thoughts on tyre pressures?

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  7. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Martin,

    Depends really on the weather conditions, start preying hard for weather like today & yesterday :D

    I would say as starting points and rough guide,
    Wet track = standard pressure.
    Dry cold day = 3-4 psi higher than standard
    Dry warm day = 6-8 psi higher than standard.

    As I say starting points and something you can play with during the day, worth having a note pad and recording conditions and pressures.

    Will also depend on the quality of the tyres you have fitted and your driving style can influence things as well.

    But whatever those tyres one thing is for sure, make certain they are good condition, no cracks in sidewalls, a few years ago I saw a nice V8 B GT get it very sideways into the Armco. On looking at the car it was fitted with, what appeared to be, the original Michelins, but the side walls where so cracked and rubber so hard it was hardly surprising they'd a moment they rather hadn't happened.
  8. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    It really does depend on the tyre that you are using and, sorry Martin, I don't really agree with increasing tyre pressure in hotter conditions. If you use the tyres very hard, overdrive or regularly go beyond the slip angle of the tyre you will soon generate a lot of heat gain and pressure increase. I use a higher cold starting pressure in the damp to compensate for the lack of pressure rise through heat gain.

    You need a pyrometer to work out the best pressures for your car and they won't all be the same on each corner of the car or for every track.

    Just keep an eye on them during the day and watch your tread wear pattern.
  9. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    I wouldn't disagree Joe, but it is very dependant on the type of tyre and the driving style.

    My suggestions are based on my use, with Goodyear and Continental road tyres over the last 4/5 years on BGT and the ZS. I think I'm fairly light on tyres, but without being slow through the corners, as an example my current Conti Sport 2 on the ZS are 2 years old, done coming up to 19,000 miles with 2.5mm tread left at the moment.

    I did omit to mention I check the tyre pressures throughout the day and adjust pressures accordingly to how the car feels.

    Joe's last line is probably the best bit of advice overall.
  10. mbmg

    mbmg Junior Member

    Well that all sounds logical - thanks for the tips... less than a week to go!
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