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Discussion in '2010 general' started by mattie007, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. mattie007

    mattie007 Active Member

    Not sure how to create a new topic, but here goes!
    Is there any chance a track day could be organised for Rockingham?
    Its a fantastic place with 3 or 4 amazing layouts.
    Have done 3 trackdays there in an Elise, Cooper S and WRX and enjoyed them all!
    Sorry if this isn't the correct place.
  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Sorry Matt, I can see now that we'd not given you anywhere suitable to post your question, so I've created somewhere and moved it for you. Maybe we'll get some more general discussions about the calendar now :)

    About Rockingham. We were invited to share a day there with LoT (Lotus on Track) last year, but we declined because it seemed very expensive. I have to admit that we didn't explore if anything had changed this year. We always try to keep pricing as low as possible and keep them aligned to what is popular. So, for example, we think £150 for Silverstone GP is OK, but wouldn't want to charge as much for a less popular circuit.

    I can't remember what the deal was last year, but I know it seemed out of proportion for the time of year, day of the week and Rockingham's popularity. Of course, popularity and exciting circuits don't always go together. Personally, I'd much rather drive somewhere like Cadwell than Silverstone GP, but we get more people wanting to do the reverse and that's what makes the days viable. Unfortunately, there are not as many MGs that do track days as there are Lotus, so we always struggle - hence having to share days at circuits like Cadwell with other clubs.

    Having made my excuses, we do always keep our options open. LoT are very supportive and often come up with invitations to us. I'll try to remember to ask what the Rockingham situation is next time I speak to LoT's organiser. Many thanks for your feedback.


  3. mattie007

    mattie007 Active Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I understand what you mean about popularity vs fun.
    Just thought Id ask!
  4. Tallmark

    Tallmark Junior Member


    I too might be interested in a track day at Rockingham as I live only about 40 minutes away. I am also looking forward to a day at Bedford if available for the same reason in 2010.
  5. aluk49

    aluk49 Active Member

    I went to Rockingham last year in November with Honda on Track, cost was £99, I see that they also have one next month (its full), again at £99
    They also share the day with LOT, I assume LOT organise it as they have two sessions and HOT have one. It was the 1.7 mile National Circuit and did not include any of the oval banking. Was good, and didn't allow any time for relaxation between corners!

  6. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Thanks for your thoughts guys. We'll be doing our 2010 planning soon and we'll bear this in mind. :)
  7. mattie007

    mattie007 Active Member

    Nice to see its on the provisional calendar!

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