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Rescheduled Date

Discussion in 'Brands Hatch - 24th Jan 2011' started by Martin C, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    The cancelled Brands Hatch day for Monday 6th December has now been rescheduled to take place on Monday 24th January 2011. All participants have been sent an e-mail informing them of their options for this rescheduled date. Please check your inbox and respond accordingly, if there is no e-mail your inbox then please check your spam folder.
    If you still don't find an e-mail contact Martin Charles at martinc@mgs-on-track.co.uk
  2. Alys

    Alys Junior Member

    I've just received the e-mail regarding the reschedule and *hope* to be able to get the day off work in order to attend.

    That said, I do not agree with the idea of 'pooling' money for refunds in the event of not all places being re-sold. The track day event was cancelled (as I understand it) by the organisers of Brands Hatch. Any MGoT member who is now unable to attend the new date should be refunded FULLY, irrespective of whether all places are re-sold. After all, these places were bought in good faith for a certain date by members, who had made sure they would be able to attend. Brands should have 'weather' cover to reimburse such events. Also it should be seriously considered as to whether having track days between December and February is a good idea - after all it is winter and the weather is likely to be icy and snowy!

    This situation makes me seriously consider if I would ever take part in a future event. I (for one) can't afford to loose that sort of money because provision hasn't been made for winter weather!
  3. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hello Alys,
    I can understand the sentiment of the body of this post, but it has to be made clear to all, as we tried to do in the e-mail, that Brands Hatch, nor any other circuit, is under any contractual obligation to offer us anything for such a cancellation.
    It should also be said that this is the first time in the history of MGoT that we have had any date cancelled, let alone two in a row. This traditional Brands date for our year end has run for many years, but this year's unprecedented weather couldn't have been predicited.
    We have to take the view of what would be fair to all concerned, we had two options,
    1. We do not take the Brands offer and everybody looses their money.
    2. We take the offer knowing some people cannot probably attend and then have to decide what is the fairest way of giving any credits to those who cannot attend. If all of any cancelled places resell then of course full refunds will be given, but we had to consider what if all those places do not resell? We decided the pooled distribution was the fairest method to all. I suspect and appreciate that anyone of the participants who cannot attend the rescheduled date can afford to loose any money.

    But I should also point out that participants when they book, tick and accept our terms and conditions of booking. I reproduce the relevant part here,
    MGoT cannot be held responsible if an event is cancelled or stopped due to forces beyond its control and fees paid for such events are strictly non-refundable. Depending upon the terms of contract with the venue owner MGoT may receive compensation. In the event of MGoT receiving compensation, participants may be offered a credit or an alternative event. Such a payment or offer is at the sole discretion of MGoT and is not guaranteed. No claim for loss, consequential or otherwise, can be bought against MGoT .
    Several of the committee have been working tirelessly since the event was cancelled to resolve this situation in the best way possible and I believe that I and my committee have done that. I would be greatly saddened should you or any other member decide not to attend future events.

    For us, and I suspect the circuits themselves, to take out some form of inclement weather protection policy is prohibitively expensive and would mean there would be no more track days purely on the grounds of cost.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2010
  4. Alys

    Alys Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply Martin. I understand your position, just wanted to make my views clear.

  5. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Alys,
    I understand perfectly, I would feel exactly the same frustration and worry if I couldn't attend the rescheduled day. I hope you can get the day off work and that we will see you at Brands.

    But you can all be assured for any that may not be able to attend we will be doing all that we can to recover your booking fee.
  6. chrisfb

    chrisfb Junior Member

    I was quite worried when the snow started falling that my track day money may have gone to waste. I am extremely grateful for the efforts that have been put in to secure this arrangement with Brands, which is the best possible outcome. As soon as I have an answer from work I will confirm or decline my place accordingly. In either event I will do my best to spread the word on any available places from those that cannot make the new date, in the hope that they will all be able to secure a full refund.

    Once again, sincere thanks for making this arrangement.

  7. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark Junior Member

    If anyone drops out then with enough notice I'd be interested in popping along to this! Brands is local to me and I could do with my yearly fix on MG track action! Cheers guys and girls!
  8. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Dave,

    We have 11 spaces to go up for sale tomorrow, 1st January, so if you can make it we'd be pleased to see you again.
  9. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    MG session now SOLD OUT.

    However if you have an MG and would still like to come along you can book into the MG & Mixed Marque session, where there are 5 places available.

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