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Discussion in 'Brands Indy 7th December 2020' started by Ray Abbott, Mar 14, 2020.

  1. Ray Abbott

    Ray Abbott Junior Member

    I am an aging male who has always had a desire to drive a car around a full racing circuit, the nearest I have got to doing so is a GO_KART. Showing my age! In the late 1960s I spent some time watching races at Brands Hatch although I 've not been there for years, even though I live about 20 miles from the circuit. When I retired I decided to rebuild a car to full fill my desire. A friend and work colleague gave me a Porche, "sound good but it was the cheap one 724". Even so the car was complicated and parts expensive. Then one night in December my wife shouted ,"look out the back window", this I did only to see flames 20 feet in the air and Blue lights flashing at the front. Someone had set fire to my storage sheds where I kept the parts and paint because my garage was quite small. The fire was quite spectacular with burning mag wheels and cellulose paint and in the morning the remains were very colourful. The outcome of this was I bought a 1972 MGB GT with a Web--- roof. It came as a shell and 16 boxes of bits. Fortunately I was able to negotiate extending my garage under the insurance. Seven years on I have learnt to weld (not so good up side down) and spray, I learnt about the mechanics as a youngster and driving overland to Australia (another story). This year I plan to attend the track day at Brands Hatch in December having visited a track at Anglesey last year.

    This may sound a little confusing but not as confusing a buying the correct helmet, where o I buy one and get the correct fitting and type. Also when and how do I sign up for Brands Hatch?

    Can anyone help?

  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Ray and welcome to the Pit Lane forum and MGs-on-Track.

    You've had quite a journey to get to a point where you can attend your first track day and I'd say you've tackled far more complicated and confusing topics than choosing a helmet! On the Pit Lane forum we have a section with some frequently asked questions (appropriately called FAQ) and two of your questions are answered:

    What type of helmet?

    What size?

    In an ideal world you'd go to a shop and try one on - it should fit very tight around your face, squeezing your cheeks if it is a full-face, and not move much if you try to swivel your head whilst holding the helmet still!! You could go to Brands' shop given that you live close enough, but I imagine they will only stock the more expensive brands. You can get more reasonable prices online e.g Hedtec brand (https://www.hedtec.co.uk/) which is a popular well-priced option. The downside of online purchase is the risk of having to return a helmet if it doesn't fit well enough. Personally, I bought online some years ago without too much difficulty following the sizing guidelines in our FAQ.

    Given that you have a MGB GT and so won't be running roofless, as many of us do on track with our roadsters, you may choose to buy an open face helmet rather than a closed face helmet. Each circuit has slightly different rules regarding when open face helmets can be used. The FAQ about the type of helmet (above) gives the latest position at the more popular circuits. The choice is yours. Some people find that they are more comfortable in open face, although clearly a full face helmet gives greater protection.

    In terms of signing up for Brands in December the event will get opened for bookings much nearer the time. As you have registered on this website/forum you should have been added to our newsletter emailing list (this used to be automatic, but with the new website it may have changed to be an option - if so, then hopefully you've taken that option). The newsletter email announces when a track day is opened for bookings. Expect that to be sometime much later this year given that Brands is in December.

    I hope I've answered your questions - let us know if you need more information.

    Best wishes, Dave
  3. Ray Abbott

    Ray Abbott Junior Member

    Thanks that really helps, my MGB GT has what I think is called a Websco roof. This opens most of the roof and you never no I might buy a box(s) full of Roadster therefore it may be better to buy a full face Helmet
  4. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Ray, yes- that sounds the best bet. Let us know how you get on with your purchase and what deals you find. Cheers, Dave
  5. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Ray, I'll stand corrected but with a Web... roof the car will be viewed the same as a soft top .i.e full face helmet
    Look forward to seeing you at one of our track days, Covid 19 permitting :( As things stand at present it's down to the circuits whether it runs or not but hopefully by Dec it will all be back to normal!
    If you don't receive our email, usually monthly then please let me know
    Keep safe

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