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Query re ZS180 Colour "Green"

Discussion in '2010 general' started by Lezemore, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Lezemore

    Lezemore Guest

    I have a ZS180 coloured green and wish to apply some touch-up paint and TLC. The DVLA Log book states colour is "Green" (Reg. # is 53). Can anyone offer any specification detail? Halfords shows two colours green plus metallic / plain options?
  2. steve curtis

    steve curtis Junior Member

    look on the vin plate the colour code is on that.. good luck:)
  3. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    As Steve said, the paint code is on the Vin plate, this should be on the slam panel, lift the bonnet and the slam panel is the one the bonnet catch goes into.

    IIRC there are two standard colours, British Racing Green and LeMans Green, although there are some biomorphic (the fancy paint scheme that changes colour as the light falls on it). Trouble is BRG and LMG are very similar shades which doesn't help.

    If you post the paint code we should be able to find which it is :)
  4. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall Active Member

    The paint codes for the greens, that I am aware of, are as follows:

    HAM - British Racing Green Metallic 2 coats
    HFF - British Racing Green Pearl 3 coats
    HYF - Brooklands Green - Limited Edition
    HQM - Goodwood Green
    HFH - Alumina green
    HFN - Le Mans Green

    I do have a complete list if it's not one of the above.

  5. mattie007

    mattie007 Active Member

    Le Mans:

  6. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

  7. Lezemore

    Lezemore Guest

    Thanks re query on ZS180 colour "Green"

    My thanks to Steve, Martin, Mike, Mattie and Ralph,
    Yes - it is HFN - Le Mans Green. Thanks for your advice and education. This is one lovely car.
  8. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Geoff,

    Glad you've got the colour sorted.

    Yes the ZS is a lovely car.................even better on track :D

    So hope we can welcome you to a track day with us this year :)

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