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Photos now in Gallery

Discussion in 'Brands - 3rd February' started by norman, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. norman

    norman Active Member

    Just finished uploading 264 pics (phew).

    Enjoy :)
  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Well done Norman :) Although, going at lunchtime you missed the photo opportunity of the day :eek: Thanks for coming along.
  3. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Fantastic photography. Thanks :)
  4. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Well done Norman

    God knows how long it took you to upload all those? So well done Sir!
    I went back this morning to edit my long titles:eek: , they've been done:confused: . I guess that was your hard work as well, so my apologies for giving you extra to do and my thanks for doing it.

    If anybody wants copies of any FOREST BOY snaps, e-mail me at :
    mlkcharles@aol.com with the number and I'll do the rest.

    See you all at Silverstone, where I get to play with my new toy, the ZS120 :rolleyes:

  5. norman

    norman Active Member

    Hi Martin

    I used the bulk upload and zipped about 20 pictures into each zip file so had to that about 15 times. Did you try the zip file upload?

    Yes I managed to rename your earlier uploads, the names I called you.:) No really it was no problem. Still have a slight issue on the image display page because the 5 thumbnails for the 'filmstrip' push the right margin out a bit. Got a couple of ides to fix that though.
  6. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Norman

    No I did not use the zip file upload, it was one of the things I wanted to talk to you about when I saw you next.
    I've seen it there on the upload section, but not sure at all about how I use it:confused:
    That is because I'm rubbish at this computer lark:eek:
    ANy advice you can give would be most welcome, are you going to SIlverstone? If so we may be able to chat then.
    If not and you have time perhaps an e-mail to the address I gave in the earlier post? But I can't access my private e-mail whilst I'm here at work.
  7. s3mjc

    s3mjc Junior Member

    Great photos from both you guys - very much appreciated!
  8. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Re: Thanks

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for the kind comments, but I'm affraid I'm a mere amateur against Norman. But I do enjoy snapping away and if I can't play for real then it is a good second best;)
    But didn't I see you with a camera in hand during the day? If so where are your pics?
  9. Bigfoot MGF

    Bigfoot MGF Active Member

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