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Photos and Comment

Discussion in '2005 - Monday 11th April - Silverstone' started by Dave, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Shocks aren't usually that nice and so I prefer surprise :)
  2. Duncan

    Duncan Junior Member

    Hiya Georgina,

    The car is blue/purple depending on the sunlight. It has a carbon splitter on the front if that helps.

  3. Gerald-S1

    Gerald-S1 Junior Member

    Hi Guys

    Was a great day out. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. Would love to see more photos posted if anyone has.

    (Titanium Elise)
  4. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    I'm afraid I can't really make out the registrations from the digital images. They were taken on high res, but I cropped right into them in Photoshop. Fingers crossed that the photos I get back on CD will have more detail. I can't remember if I took any of your Elise, Gerald, but it should be easy to pick out from the MGs!

    I must say thanks to everyone at the MGCC and MGoT for organising another brilliant day. Even though I wasn't driving it was good to see all the cars on track and to meet up with a great bunch of people again.
  5. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    In addition to Georgina's photos there are some others that should appear in the gallery soon.

    Also, there was a commercial photographer attending the day. His name is Jim Gaisford and he will send out proofs to you if you'd like to provide a car reg and address details. I'll get an email address for Jim and post it here for you.
  6. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Had a cracking day as did my passenger Blake. I say it again, a really good bunch of people.

    I will have some photos soon but I am in the middle of a house move so I will try and get them in the gallery next week (Thanks for the pics so far Georgina).

    Thanks to all.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2005
  7. Duncan

    Duncan Junior Member

    Couldn't agree more. Fantastic day! Thanks to you Neil for giving me your tips. Certainly made a difference. Has Blake still got a grin on his face from all his passenger rides! lol.Duncs.
  8. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    No worries, more than welcome! :) Pleased it helped, you certainly got faster as the day went on (as do most of course). It was an experience being a passenger in a car with Nitrous Oxide Injection so thanks for that.

    Yes, Blake would not keep quiet all the way home about all his shotgun rides, it made his day. Much appreciated Duncan! :D
  9. Duncan

    Duncan Junior Member

    Cheers Neil,
    Cannot wait for the next event. Any thoughts on which one you are doing next?
  10. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Not too many choices left! Bedford is full, Castle Combe is full - so get your bookings in for Cadwell Park in June and Donington in October now!

    Oh, and we might have a North Weald day in September and another Silverstone day in late October, but shhh - no-one knows yet ;)
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2005
  11. Gerald-S1

    Gerald-S1 Junior Member

    Anyone got the emil dress of the photographer?
  12. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    His name is Jim Gaisford and you can reach him at john.gaisford@btinternet.com.

    He is just sending out proofs to those people who gave him car reg numbers so that he could identify photos. I've just emailed everyone else asking for further reg numbers (and postal addresses) to allow him to do the same for them. However, please contact him directly, as he may be able to send thumbnails by email.


  13. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    I am still waiting for the postman to return my CDs with photos from Silverstone - Kodak seem to be taking a bit longer to process them than normal. I will post some on-track images as soon as I get them sorted.

    I really must add a digital camera to my Christmas list this year.
  14. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Not sure, I have done all those tracks and fancy somewhere different. If I come up with anywhere, i'll give you a shout.:cool:
  15. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Have added all Blake's the decent pics to the Gallery.

    There were more but just to hint to Georgina, a digital camera tends to struggle with fast moving objects (unless you pay a fortune for a digital SLR) as the photographer of my set will put his hand up to :eek:
  16. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Thanks Neil :)

    So where do you want to do next Neil? 2006 will be a challenge for us to keep you all satisfied I can see. :D
  17. Duncan

    Duncan Junior Member

    lol!Snetterton maybe for next year?

  18. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    You make me sound fussy :D

    Snetterton sounds good (very quick circuit). I will try to get to Anglesey next year if this is re-run.

    Looking at http://www.racingcircuits.net/UnitedKingdom/ , there are so many tracks to try. My personal opinion is why do a track more than once. I am not the easiest customer :rolleyes:

    As a note Dave, I thought that splitting the session into the 3 levels of expereince/car type worked really well at Silverstone. It is the best track day I have attended in that respect.
  19. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Snetterton is definitely on the cards next year and a return to Anglesey is a must - great circuit. Personally, I haven't tired of either Brands or Donington, but yes I'd love to try some new ones too :) Glad you enjoyed Silverstone - the three sessions based on experience is how we always do it, if we have the whole day ourselves. We'll be doing this again at Cadwell.
  20. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Sounds good - was not going to push my luck and ask for a foreign F1 circuit (or Lotus test track at Hethel) :p

    I'll get the flexible friend ready and the knee pads for a bit of grovelling to the bank manager :D

    Thanks once again.

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