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Photos and Comment

Discussion in '2005 - Monday 11th April - Silverstone' started by Dave, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Hotkiwi

    Hotkiwi Junior Member

    OK its gettin closer

    And Im gettin nervous!

    Anyone out there wanna be a track buddy to a complete novice in a new 115.
    Just wanna test my limits , not the cars!

    My regular spannerman(read local mechanic) has a partner who is already seven days overdue from making him a Daddy,so its unlikely he will make it Monday.

    Really only need someone to share my naievity, and to keep me outa the armco.

  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Jeff,

    No problem at all. We have most of the committee members at Silverstone and a good number of 'regulars'. One of them will be more than happy to be your track buddy for the day. Grab me at sign-on and we'll sort you out, if we don't do it before through this thread.:)
  3. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Hi Hotkiwi,

    Dave does not lie, it is a very friendly bunch of people who go along so you are sure to find someone to sit with you. Everyone was new to this at some stage.

    I would offer to sit with you but I have not driven Silverstone before so I will be on a learning curve as well. Just take it easy and build your speed and confidence during the day. At the briefing, they will make allowances for the fact that not everyone has done a track day before.

    Have fun!

  4. Neil

    Neil Active Member

    Hi Hotkiwi

    Don't worry. The morning sessions start off slowly with sighting laps so that everyone find their feet. Everyone tends to get faster as the day progresses but some go home earlier anyway so there's more track to yourself by that time. The important thing is to drive at a pace you're comfortable with and not to be dragged along following a faster driver (possibly in a slower car). After a few laps you'll wonder what you were so concerned about.
    See you Monday.

  5. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    Non-drivers at Silverstone?

    Would it be okay if I came along as a spectator to the track day at Silverstone? Due to my current (un)employment situation I am having to budget very carefully for track days at the moment. I would love to come along and see all the cars on circuit though, and would bring my camera along to take lots of photos. The weather looks good too!

  6. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Of course Georgina - it will be good to see you again :) Don't forget to bring a helmet if you want to sign-on as a passenger.
  7. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    Now that's a thought! I wouldn't want to impose on anyone though. If I sign on as a passenger do I have to say who I will be a passenger with at the beginning, or could I just wait to see how people are fixed?

  8. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Once you're signed on as a passenger you can go out on track with any driver that offers! I'm sure there'll be plenty of people who will be happy to oblige - just ask :)
  9. Tony Crossley

    Tony Crossley Active Member

    Hotkiwi, I'm popping down as a non-driver and I'll be happy to buddy you if you are nervous. I've done more than my fair share of track driving and I'm more than happy to help.

  10. Hotkiwi

    Hotkiwi Junior Member

    Aye Up,

    Thanks everyone for your encouragement, Tony Ill take you up on your offer, See you all monday. :D
  11. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Preparing for Monday, I've just looked at my registration documents for the car. The ZS needs an MOT! Booked for 12:30. Fingers (and everything else) crossed.
  12. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Passed, with an advisory on the brake disks. Time for some Galfer disks, I think:D
  13. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Phew! Galfer discs ???
  14. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    I recently went to an open day at Leda. They had some disks made by Galfer that looked interesting - significantly lighter than the standard disks on the ZS.
  15. SteveRat

    SteveRat Junior Member

    Are you on the reserve list?

    I have been taken ill with a douse of flu and therefore can not go to Silverstone tomorrow :mad: . So if you are on the reserve list contact Dave if you want my place.

    Steve Ratledge
  16. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member

    The photos I have posted in the photo gallery are a few I took with a digital camera that I borrowed. I took a load more on my old trusty 35mm camera and should be able to post these in the gallery by the weekend.

    If anyone wants to see a specific car please let me know.
  17. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    I hope you don't mind me pinching one of your photos for the news page :eek:
  18. Duncan

    Duncan Junior Member

    Hiya Georgina,
    Have you got any piccies of mine? R283 CGT (MGF)

  19. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member


    It is not very easy to make out the registrations on these digital photos I took. Hopefully the photos I get back on CD at the end of the week will have a lot more detail. What colour MGF is it that I should be looking for?

  20. Georgina

    Georgina Junior Member


    It was rather a nice surprise (or do I mean shock?) to see it on the home page.


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