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Petroc Motorsport fun day RMB Chivenor 15th May 2011

Discussion in 'Non-Track events' started by hainsie, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    I work for Petroc college in Barnstaple and Tiverton and have been tasked with organising a static or moving display of MGs, so what I need are as many willing volunteers to bring their pride and joy to RMB Chivenor on 15th May.

    Anyone who has any ideas for moving displays of track or rally cars, please contact Louise Laing with your ideas 01271 338181, louise.laing@petroc.ac.uk

    I would like to get as many F's / TFs together as well as trying to get some older classics and hopefully an SV / ZT 260 or two

    This really was a good fun day out last year and it promises to be even bigger and better this year:

    See Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... 2874817038

    Events info: http://www.britevents.com/whats-on/devo ... ay/244660/

    So far we have a mixture of F's, TF's ZR, ZT, SV and MGBs on the list as coming.
  2. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    Have met with Louise today to give her a progress update.

    Car plus diver will be admitted free of charge if in the MG paddock, any passengers will pay the concessions rate (TBA)

    "Exhibitors" will need to fill in a registration form and will have tickets and passes mailed out to them. I will advise further when this needs to be done. There will be a cut off date for numbers so we can get the displays organised.

    Come on guys, lets have some more takers!!!

    So far:

    Steve, Dora & Matt F and ZTT/ZR
    Pete & Lin F
    Joe & Carol F
    Nigel and Jo TF?

    ZTand 75's
    Steve ZTT
    Jimbo 75 V8
    Laser558 ZT

    Skitz SV

    Dougie MGB
    Ros MGBGTV8

    Attached Files:

  3. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Steve,
    Looks like a good day out, so if we have any members localish to here (Most of us are in the South/East corner), I think RMB (Royal Marine Barracks?) Chivenor is about 3 miles N/W of Barnstaple just off the A361, Send Steve a PM if you can make it.

    A few Midget's and a ZS would make a pretty tidy line up. Good luck with the day fella :D
  4. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    Thanks Martin,

    I'm hoping there may be some racers nearby that fancy putting on a moving display of some sort. Any ideas are welcome.

    Either that or just line up with the rest of us:)

    Twas a cracking day last year, so hope it will be bigger and better this year.
  5. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    Some more info. on this today.

    I've booked our pitch and costs will be as follows:

    Car plus driver are free
    For each car, up to 3 guests will be entitled to concession price tickets at £5 per guest.
    In addition, we will get 2 free adult tickets for every 5 cars on display. If we get the right numbers and guests, it could all be free![​IMG]

    I'll be sending out the vehicle information sheet to you soon, I need to know how many guests you will be bringing.

    We need to ge the forms back in by 21st April, so no rush (Yet!!).

  6. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

  7. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    A flyer is coming out next week.

    If anyone is interested in coming, PM me and I'll send a vehicle information sheet. Please fill it in and send it back to me at the e-mail address at the bottom of the form.

    We will be next to the classic minis making up a British section.
  8. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    More info. available on the Petroc website: http://www.petroc.ac.uk/events/w126/...t-fun-day-2011

    Displays by stunt drive Russ Swift
    Michael Schumacher’s 1993 Benetton Formula 1 car
    The Ken Fox Wall of Death Troupe
    The RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team
    South West Championship Autotest
    Andrei Burton’s Full Tilt extreme sports display
    The Renault Formula 1 team will be displaying the 2011 Renault Lotus car
    Ferrari Owners Club display
    The JDM Drift Team
    The Yamaha Thunder Truck and Super Bike displays a Guinness World Land Speed Record Attempt! And Much More!
  9. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    The motorsport day will be raising funds for Help for heroes,but more specifically, the charity is directed at the C Group. The C Group is made up of a small nucleus of Royal Marines and a rapidly expanding membership of businessmen and women, drawn initially from the South West but now including increasing numbers from throughout the UK.

    The C Group's aims can be summarised as follows:-

    To raise awareness and understanding of the Royal Marines and the current issues facing them.
    To support the on-going rehabilitation and re-integration of injured Royal Marines, whether this is within the Corps or in a new direction in a civilian career.
    To provide facilities and opportunities to support the welfare and personal development of serving and former Royal Marines as the need arises.

    See link: http://www.thecgroup.org/new-site/cg-home.html
  10. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    The MG paddock is now full and can accept no more entries.

    However, the event is massive, so come and say hello and have a day out in sunny North Devon!
  11. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

  12. tracklifelove

    tracklifelove Junior Member

    I'm so sad they are not doing this for 2012. We had a blast last time.

    Anything similar and family friendly around that's not too pricey?

    Been looking for online deals or packages for track related events but not having too much luck.
  13. hainsie

    hainsie Active Member

    Yeah, its a real shame.

    Closest for me is Castle Coombe now.

    There is a Chivenor sprint going on on 27th May though, don't have a link, but try searching online.

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