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Only 5 weeks to go

Discussion in 'Silverstone GP - 12th March' started by Stu, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    4 Days & Counting

    Oh! Dear,
    Met. Office & BBC both show WET Monday:(
    I am praying to the Gods for sunshine for us all, the rest of you get your prayer mats out:rolleyes:
    Mind you after Goodwood and the soaking I got there, I know a ZS is as good in the wet as dry:p , so don't mind what the weather does.
    Look forward to seeing you all Monday, safe journeys:D
  2. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    If anyone is trailering their car don't forget to bring your wet tyres too..:D

    It could well turn out not to be a semi-slick day:eek:

  3. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Glad I'm bringing the ZS on Monday, and not the F!
  4. Tim

    Tim Senior Member

    From the Met office

    Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

    Mild on Sunday with bright or sunny spells but quite breezy. Cloudy Monday with a little rain in places chiefly at first. Mainly dry Tuesday with sunny spells developing.
    Updated: 1459 on Fri 9 Mar 2007

    Not too gloomy really
  5. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    I'm doing my sun dance,:p its going to be dry , i can feel it in me bones:D
  6. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    Is any one keeping track of the Monday forecast to see how often the met people are changing their minds?

    Probably will not get a really accurate one till Tuesday:rolleyes:

  7. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    I hope everyone has received the event guide by now - I emailed it on Thursday around 2.30pm. Shout if you haven't seen it.
  8. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    Keep doing the sun dance guys, I think we might have cracked it:D

    It Looks promising:)

    See you all bright an early tomorrow morning


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