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Now open for bookings

Discussion in 'Stowe Evening - 15th August 2011' started by Dave, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    This was such a success last year that we're back again this year. An evening at this technically challenging little circuit. The evening should give one and quarter hours of track time assuming no stoppages.

    The circuit has been purpose built by Silverstone as a handling/track day circuit and although relatively flat, at just over a mile long, is comparable to Brands Hatch Indy and Mallory Park circuits. It has some new pit garages and excellent viewing facilities from the roof terrace above them.

    More details here.
  2. fishert

    fishert Active Member


    in the description it says should give 1hr 15mins track time for your £99, with 20min sessions, I maybe a bit thick but how does that fit into 5.30 start & 8.00 finish (2 1/2hrs).
    Could someone clarify. Thanks
  3. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Tamsin,

    It's simple enough, though we've not explained it properly in the event description, so it's understandable that your confused! There are only two groups of cars - not three as on a normal day. Each group gets one 15 min and three 20 min sessions on track - hence 1hr and 15 mins track time :)

    I'll get the event description text amended.


  4. gotenks1321

    gotenks1321 Active Member

    I think I may well be able to make this one :D Just noticed that you've got no medium helmets left though :( Will there be any extra at the track like there was a Brands?
  5. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Dan,
    Sorry for the delay in replying, I'm afraid there won't be any extra helmets for this evening available from Silverstone. However I do have a medium open face helmet I can hire you for the evening if that helps.
  6. gotenks1321

    gotenks1321 Active Member

    Hi Martin,

    That would be awesome, thankyou :) I'm pretty sure I was a medium last time and I don't think my head's grown at all since then lol

    What is the standard that the helmets have to conform to? If I can get along to a few more events then I may look into getting one of my own soon'ish.
  7. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Dan,
    You need a helmet that conforms to BS 6658 Type A/FR or Snell 2005 MINIMUM standard.

    Be careful though a lot of people are still selling the old BS 6658 Type A as a track day helmet, this helmet was banned by MSA for use in 2011 in RACING. This is our problem, at the moment only Silverstone say you must wear a helmet to current MSA blue book standards. That has meant we have to get a waiver for our days to use the old standard helmet. But that situation cannot continue for ever, all helmets have a finite life remember.

    Have a look at the last post here for the full list of 2011 MSA blue book standards.

    Max Tyler who runs racewear UK, www.racewear.co.uk has offered our members a 10% discount of the excellent value Hedtec range of helmets for 2011. Use the code MGOTH2011 when ordering, but please note Max is only offering the discount on the Hedtec helmets ony, not his full range of merchandise.

    Make an excellent Christmas present though :D
  8. ple999

    ple999 Junior Member

    Just to add to Martin's comments.

    I have just bought a new Hedtec helmet from Max as my old one wasn't F/R. Very helpful guy, great price and a quick delivery. Will be trying it out at Combe in June.


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