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Noise testing

Discussion in 'Goodwood 29th October' started by paul325i, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    Hi all,

    What are they like for noise testing at goodwood?

    My car has a single box system so it's making 97/98/99 db at the relevant rev range. Is that too close or are they a little bit lenient?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Hi Paul,

    I am afraid that Goodwood are very NOT lenient with noise testing. They will not let you on track if you are above the 98dB they specify and as there can be variations in the measurement we advise you to try to stay below 95dB. If you only have a single box system you could buy one of the 'add-on' silencers that clamp onto your tailpipe (Merlin Motorsport sell them in different sizes, along with many others) but the reduction can't be guaranteed. If you can make it, your best bet is to turn up at the circuit (or phone first) and ask them to measure your car.
  3. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    Cheers Dave, seeing as I have a couple of weeks to sort it out I may just fit a centre box and get the Db's right down. Not really worth the risk as it's already pushing the limit and on the day luck would probably be against me and it'll make over 100...

    It's a 2" system so it's unlikely to affect the performance in any way.
  4. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    I have a 2" 2 box system on my BGT and it seems fine; around 160bhp with a 1950cc plus supercharger (until the engine died but that is another story...) I would go for an oval box so you can get it close under the car and a skid plate between the pipe coming into the box and the outside edge of the box. That means that if you do ground it the box will ride over the kerb or whatever it is rather than getting caught and pulled off.
  5. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    Ok I'll try and get an oval, my 16v gt has a 2" twin box system with oval centre box and it still has enough clearance...just. Although that's chrome bumpered so it's a bit lower.

    Just need to get the old system apart first!
  6. Nick P

    Nick P Active Member

    16v GT - K series?
  7. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    No, M16 2 litre....on omex with jenveys. It's almost finished but not quite, hence still using the v8 for goodwood and brands.
  8. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    oval centre box now in the garage, ready to go in....
  9. paul325i

    paul325i Junior Member

    Centre box fitted, much quieter. Hopefully that's enough to keep them happy!

    Removing and refitting a compete system, on the floor, at night, isn't much fun.
  10. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Great stuff, you should be OK if the old system was only just over the limit and the new one sounds much quieter.

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