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No rain at CC!

Discussion in 'Castle Combe 21st June' started by Steve Hill, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Great day yesterday and despite all the rain that was forecast we didn't get anything to speak of. Lot's of track time, only one interruption and lots of opportunity for social banter in the paddock. All socially distant, of course.
  2. nadder

    nadder Junior Member

    Impressive weather control indeed and a lovely day. Many thanks to everyone involved.
  3. peterwpurcell

    peterwpurcell Senior Member

    I’m most impressed and pleased you had such good weather......30 miles east in Swindon it was filthy and poured down all day !
  4. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Hi Peter

    Yes as soon I headed home (east) I drove into rain.

    I hope that all is well for you.


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