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New hand on tiller ..

Discussion in '2010 general' started by Gary&BVZ, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Hi ..Sorry to hear Stu has to step down from committee ...:eek:
    But very pleased that Martin has taken up the challenge for the next few months..:D :D :D
    I hope those of us who take part in the trackdays will not forget the amount of time and effert that committee put in on our behalf to make our time on track so much fun ...:cool: :cool:
    Thank you Committee .... See you at Combe and Goodwood ...
    Bests Gary & Dee ..:)
  2. Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes MGoT Committee Member

    Thanks for your kind words. I think I can speak for the committee, although quite a new c'tee member myself, that we were sad to lose Stu as Chairman but very pleased he has stayed on the committee. Martin has really hit the ground running and is keeping us all on our toes!

    Hope to meet you at Goodwood and thanks again for your support.

    Martin (Holmes)

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