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MGLive Thank you!

Discussion in 'Non-Track events' started by Martin C, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Nice to see so many of you over the weekend and meet so many people who have yet to join us out on track, but hopefully will now.

    My personal thanks to,
    Mike Harrison, Mk.3 'K' series Sprite
    Dave Pearce & Alan Byram, MGA Twin Cam
    Fraser Howell, ZS 180
    Roger Davison, RV8
    Micheal Sparks, BGT V8
    Barry McCann, 1275 Midget

    Your help and enthusiasm for track days really showed in our arena display on Saturday. Proven by the fact that on Sunday I personally spoke to 4 people who had deliberately come to find out more following that display.

    So to everybody, take care and see you on track soon :D

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  2. GForce2010

    GForce2010 Junior Member

    Anytime Martin :)

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