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MG F/TF Servicing Day 13th June

Discussion in 'Non-Track events' started by Tim Guy, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. gotenks1321

    gotenks1321 Active Member

    Hey mate,

    Which way are you coming round the M25? I'm meeting up with Craggio at Clackets Lane at 7 and then onto meet Kara at some services in Southampton for 8:15. Depending on which way you come then we can either meet you at Clackets or just before we join the M3 maybe?

    And I'll be in the F :D If she breaks down before then I won't be able to get there at all lol
  2. jethro

    jethro Junior Member

    Does anyone know which nuts to twist to adjust the side window? either that or a possible hood adjustment as the window catches when winding up window when hood is up. could do with someone pointing in the right direction when I meet you all. :D
  3. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    I've never had to do it but the workshop manual which I will be bringing shows how to do it. There seems to be 6 bolts to play with :D
  4. Craggio

    Craggio Junior Member

    Saturs still has the quads out of stock and they said they would email me when they were in (due in last week aparently) so looks like i wont be needing help fitting the daytona as im not buying it without the quads. see y'all on saturday :D
  5. jsl

    jsl Junior Member

    Local "Motor" Shops

    For out-of-area visitors, there are two accessory/motor shops within 2 miles. The following might be useful for peeps to order items inadvance for collection on the day.

    Halfords 01202 890767 www.halfords.com and Motabitz 01202 894080 www.a1motabitz.co.uk Motabitz have promised to "look after" anyone mentioning "MG Servicing Day".

  6. superhawk

    superhawk Junior Member

    Fault water temperature gauge

    Has anyone experience problems with a faulty reading water temperature gauge? One minute Ok, then no reading, then back, but reading low.

    I have a new sender but would like to test prior to draining the system down - can anyone help?:cool:

  7. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Sounds like a dodgy connection somewhere. Might be easy to find, might never do it.
    You can replace the sender unit without draining down. De-pressurise the system then put the cap back on and go for it. You only get a dribble.
  8. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    The met office says there's going be light rain at midnight then rain with a squall at 13:00

    The Weather Channel tells us its going to rain all morning, then be sunny in the afternoon

    Accuweather tells us its gong to rain at 4:00, 6:00 and again at 18:00

    So good consistency - NOT [​IMG]
    I suppose they are all agreed its not going to be sunny and it is going to rain sometime.

    There are few things more dismal than lying on your back under a car in the rain.

    So what say peeps - reschedule or go for it ????
  9. Craggio

    Craggio Junior Member

    im for going for it, if i go another weekend without central locking with the central locking parts just sitting in a box starring at me i think ima scream
  10. Tytalus

    Tytalus Junior Member

    Reminds me somewhat of last year :eek: ! Weren't we supposed to have bad weather, but in the end it was only about 5 mins of a light shower? Looks like the same again (so says the BBC, who I've found fairly accurate in the past.) At least it's not forcast to be tipping down with rain, which should be an automatic postponement.

    Sunday looks great (which sounds the same as last year as well :)), but I'll be making the most of that day anyways. Maybe we're destined to have the same weather every time you run one of these days...

    Your call, but I'll understand either way.
  11. happychappy

    happychappy Active Member

    Not keen on the idea of working in the rain. :eek:

    Can we have a poll to see whats going to happen? Need to know for childcare arrangements etc.
  12. MG_CHIC

    MG_CHIC Junior Member

    I'm for rescheduling please Tim. Not keen on working in the rain either.

    Thank you for organizing this, if you do reschedule please count me in. :)
  13. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Whilst its looking a bit suspect, its not a total monsoon predicted. There's no guarantee any other date we choose will be sunny either. Its also the time of year when there's something on every weekend.

    Down to individuals of course but the day goes ahead. I'll be there 9:00 tomorrow.

    Hope to see you.

  14. jethro

    jethro Junior Member

    I'm coming anyway...even if its just for the drive :D
  15. Tytalus

    Tytalus Junior Member

    Hi all,

    Just been looking at the weather reports, and the picture is improving all the time; no rain, some cloud and maybe some sun! So I'll be there.:D

    Keep an eye on the latest updates at www.bbc.co.uk/weather for Blandford or BH21 (close enough), or your favourite weather channel.

    MG_Chic - Shame if you don't make it, but I may see you in Baldock on the Sunday (which is living up to it's name at the moment :) ). Oh, and just read you've had a rough time in the dentists chair - I hope you feel better soon. Maybe well enought for Sunday as it's supposed to be a cracking day?

    Craggio - I'll meet you at Clackets Lane services in the morning, so at least they'll be 2 of us! What time? (I'll PM you as well)

    (copied on the other site as well...)

    Off to put my stuff together, will have another look on the site about 10pm, then off for an early night. See all those who can make it!

  16. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Yes, looks like its going to stay dry :)
  17. Fran

    Fran MGoT Treasurer

    Well we could not have wished for better weather.:) In fact it actually has been rather too hot for everyone under their cars. Was really glad of the Gazebo to do the BBQ under it was 21 Degrees here in sunny Poole at Lunch Time. Everyone here still busy working think they are glad it is a little cooler.
  18. jsl

    jsl Junior Member


    I achieved a lot and learned a lot more.

    Thanks Tim and Fran for hosting the event. It was great!
    Hope everyone get's back safe and sound.

  19. jethro

    jethro Junior Member

    Yup! got home ok. Top down 'till Exeter, but was getting a bit wet at the services rounabouts/lights, so after a quick fuel stop, put up the hood. Should have left it, although it threatened rain, it was fine. Woke up this morn with a tanned face! :cool:
    Window adjustment seems fine, but hoods a bit noisy at the front, so more adjustment on that I feel.
    Thanks to all who helped with the blowing fuse/lambder sensor. Am I the first to actually break down AT the service day :confused:
    Oh! And on the journey home I noticed that the high reving through the gears and idle has returned :mad:
    Thanks again for our hosts, whom seemed busy all day. If its laid on again in the future, I recomend that you get your arse down there. Always something to learn about your motor and always a helping hand.
  20. Tytalus

    Tytalus Junior Member


    Thanks again for the day, and as mentioned on the .ORG:The tire brace is mine!

    Will need to sort out how to get it back sometime, possibly next year, unless your passing Colchester, me down your way, or someone doing either :).

    See you later.


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