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Mallory Park

Discussion in 'Mallory Park - 27th November' started by prb, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. prb

    prb Active Member

    A few points for our anticipated visit to "The Friendly Circuit".
    I was at a bike track day there last week for the second time and stayed at the Comfort Inn at Earl Shilton. Big car park, very friendly staff and cheap at £30 for the night. A little tired around the edges and a bit of a rabbit warren but a co-located Asian restaurant and reasonable bar means I will be arriving early the previous evening! It is only a couple of miles from the circuit.
    The circuit has no garages but a large surfaced paddock. Hopefully the cafe will be open for us which provided reasonable fare. The biggest shock was petrol at £1.80 a litre - make sure you top up before you arrive! I was caught short by TomTom taking me to someone's garden when I asked it for the nearest petrol station.
    The circuit is quite short and relatively quick, so hopefully we won't have too many on track at once; a balancing act I know but I am sure the Team will have it sorted.
    Bear in mind that once the circuit is active there is no access to the centre area, so a late arrival may mean spectating until lunch time.
    Paul Bryson
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2010
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Paul,

    Great heads up on this one, thank you.

    We are taking one session of a LoT day and we ran 18 cars in the session at our visit in 2009.
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  3. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Open for booking today :)
  4. Steve White

    Steve White Active Member

    Last place snapped up today :D
  5. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Well done Steve, just snuck in.

    See you all there :)
  6. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Anyone thinking of travelling up Friday evening.

    The local Premier Inn at Hinckley currently has rooms at £29.99. About 20 mins from the circuit.

    We're booked in, be nice to get a group together for dinner / drink
  7. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    premier inn

    Hi Tim

    I plan to do the same, which 'premier inn' are you in exactly?

    I went on line to book and got a list of one in Margate !!!!

    ... be good to get a crowd there for the night before :D
  8. Fran

    Fran MGoT Treasurer

    Hi Steve

    The Premier Inn you want is Hinckley post code LE10 0NB it was still at the cheap rate today so I would book quickly. We can sort out nearer the time to meet up for dinner when we know how many there is of us. :)
  9. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    Hi Fran,

    Many thanks for the info... I've booked in.

    Hopefully others will too and we could have a impromptu MGOT 'christmas do'... without too much alcohol, of course ! ;)

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