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Le Mans 2005

Discussion in 'Ideas for 2005 calendar' started by JP12, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    Not really an event but I was wondering if anyone from MGoT was travelling down to Le Mans next year? I will be taking the MGB (hopefully) and I am camping in the expo campsite.

    Would be good to meet up if anyone else is going.

    Also, is there any chance of a MGoT convoy for 2006? That would be cool:D

  2. JP,

    Subject to work commitments I may well try and get to Le Mans in 2005 be it in the MG or the Landrover. Discovery Owners Club are talking about off-roading as much as possible to get there :eek:

    An overseas MGoT trip is something that's cropped up in conversation quite a bit lately, what with the 2005 calendar under construction. Other groups (SELOC, Lotus 7s etc) have planned trips to events like Le Mans or to continental tracks for track days, but....one thing that's clear is it takes a huge amount of planning and organising, and a fair bit of capital investment up front. At present the feeling is that for now we need to concentrate on our main aim of track days and to avoid becoming travel agents!
    It's on the back burner though, so in 2006, who knows?
  3. mikejnunn

    mikejnunn Guest

    I have been promising my no ! son a trip to Sarthe, so I guess I should be looking at how do do it this coming year
    any sugestions welcome.
  4. Tim

    Tim Senior Member

    I should be going to Le Mans but with my usual crowd of Bikers, I tend to act as tail-end-charlie with all the bags. But a chance to meet up with a few othe MG peeps would be good.

  5. Caroline

    Caroline Junior Member

    Cool! And if you can bear the embarrassment of mixing it with us non-MG owners too ;) do come and say hello to the Lotus Seven Club lot while you're out there :)

    Sad but true, I am such a big fan of Le Mans that I already have my ferry crossings booked :D Just gotta sign up for the L7C trip now and I'll be sorted - roll on June 2005, that's what I say, I can't wait!
  6. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    I have been contacted about a track day on the Bugattii circuit the weekend before Le Mans, but the cost was 13,000 Euros :eek:

    I did discuss it with the Lotus guys, but it turns out that Easytrack have taken the Sat and Sun and Lotus on Track will be taking places on one of these days (11th and 12th June).

    If anyone fancies joining in I can make enquiries to see if we can get any places on the Easytrack days at an advantageous price. However, bear in mind that it is the weekend BEFORE Le Mans and so you'd need to make a good week's holiday of it to see the 24hr race as well.
  7. Bill

    Bill Junior Member

    Hi Joe,
    I shall be driving down to Le Mans this year in my MGA. We are staying at the Club Motorsport campsite. Watch out for the Iris Blue 1600 MGA. The one I use for Luffield and Track days is the Demask Red MGC GT.
  8. TobyAnscombe

    TobyAnscombe Junior Member

    I'll be there from Friday; Have a friend who has built a Cobra replica and this will be his first big day out!

    Look out for BRG RWA Midget although you may well hear it coming first...

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